Your Guide to a Simple Wedding: It Can Be Done!

Traditional weddings are too much for some couples. All of the attention, money spent and planning just isn’t worth it for them. They’d rather have a simpler wedding day and breathe easy! Just because you’d rather have a simple day, doesn’t mean it’ll be any less special. You might even be thinking ‘there’s no such thing as a simple wedding’ but I’m here to prove you wrong. It can be done!

Be Careful With Your Guest List

First things first: be extra careful with your guest list. Each and every person you invite will usually mean more money and stress for you. Only invite the people who you truly care about being there. You shouldn’t feel obligated to invite anybody else!

Forget Gifts and Ask for Favours Instead

People will want to buy you a gift for your wedding, but to make your day as stress-free as possible, as for a favour instead. Maybe they could be your photographer or videographer. Maybe they could help you make decorations or offer another service!

Consider the Venue Carefully

There are multiple places you could have the venue to make the day as stress-free as you can. You could have the day at home, if you want things to be really simple! You could have it outdoors in a public park. You could have it in your own garden. If you’d rather rent a venue, many wedding venues are full of character and won’t require much decoration if you choose carefully. To learn more about wedding venues, click here.

Easy on the Flowers

Flowers can be deceiving. You don’t think flowers can be stressful until you realise the amount you need! Luxury weddings will have flowers on the chairs, centrepieces, and anywhere else they can put them. These usually only last a day or two and cost a fortune. Keep your flowers to a minimum, with just a small bouquet if you want one and maybe one on each table, if you have tables.



Make Things if You Can

Where possible, make things. This will be easier if you have a smaller guest list. You can make things like invites, decorations, food, and more. Ask family and friends to help you too! Buying these things might be a bit easier, but it’ll cost so much more money. Things you make will be more personal to you!

Rent Your Outfits

What will you do with your outfits after you buy them? They’ll probably sit there gathering dust! Rent your outfits instead so you can take them back afterwards. You could even buy a simple high street dress if you’re not too fussy. Don’t forget about the bridesmaids and groomsmen either; the easiest way to dress them is let them wear whatever they want!

Go to a Restaurant for Food

You could make some food yourself if you’re planning on having a small reception afterwards, but you could just as easily head to a restaurant. Again, better with a small guest list. If you feel you will need catering, always ask a family run restaurant first!

The only other thing you can do is accept that one or two things probably won’t go to plan. Just breathe and you’ll be fine!

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