Wonderful Romantic Activities You Can Enjoy In Aspen, Colorado

The very first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Aspen is world-class skiing. This resort is renowned for the winter activities available but the truth is there is so much more to this town than that. More and more couples every single day take advantage of the overall romantic experienced offered. The views are more than enough to make you want to visit as a couple but there is more to consider, including fantastic Snowmass luxury rentals and activities besides the often-advertised skiing.

Basically, Aspen is a true paradise, no matter when you decide to visit. Numerous outdoor activities are available, like hiking, cross-country skiing, fly fishing, dog sledding, horseback riding, bicycling and kayaking. Couples that choose Aspen as a honeymoon destination can find so many romantic places that can be enjoyed during every single day of the year. This includes what is mentioned below but make sure that you do conduct your own research as there are more options available.

Hot Air Ballooning

There are not many things that are more romantic than being in a hot air balloon right after the sun goes down. Enjoy a honeymoon adventure in Aspen that takes you closer to the clouds. Every trip can include champagne brunch, flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries. The flight that takes you over the mountains perfectly complements everything else. If you are not interested in taking the balloon, you can always enjoy the experience by attending the Snowmass Balloon Festival, a yearly event that is held in September.


Couples that feel adventurous can always take advantage of Aspen Paragliding, which offers excursions leaving from the lovely Aspen Mountain every single morning. You start gliding, enjoy the heights and then land in a romantic pastoral field. When on a honeymoon, be sure that you consider this, together with the included picnic and champagne.

Learn How To Cook

Did you ever want to learn how to cook and want to enjoy this experience with the person you love? Aspen Cooking School gives you access to hands-on, private classes. What you learn here is how to cook gourmet meals. Hosts are always people that are renowned, including sommeliers, chefs, professional instructors, gourmets and cookbook authors. The experience is guaranteed to be different than other couple cooking classes. Here you learn how to cook dishes like lemon wonton Napoleon and seared wild salmon.

White Water Rafting

Are you a highly adventurous couple? If so, you do want to consider white water rafting. There are options available for those that just want a beginner journey but you can even go for something that is much more adrenaline-filled. Since rapids are fast-moving, so many unpredictable and wonderful experiences can appear.

Get A Couples Massage

Why not enjoy a wonderful spa experience since you are on your honeymoon? In Aspen it is not at all difficult to find a great spa that offers tremendous packages for couples. St Regis Hotel’s RemedeSpa is one of them. You can choose out of 60 minutes or 90 minutes couple massages that are 100% customizable. The experience starts with chocolates and champagne. Then, you can take advantage of the hot tub featuring 3 waterfalls and end everything with quite a relaxing steam room. Choose spa services based on what you want to experience as a couple and you will surely love this when in Aspen.

Gondola Riding To Reach The Summit

Silver Queen Gondola takes you right to the top of the Aspen Mountain. Most people think that this is just for the skiers but this is not actually the case. Couples that visit do want to take this quarter of an hour ride. At the end, you get to see some incredible views from the 11,200 feet summit. At the Sundeck you can enjoy some casual dining that has many creative entries and during Friday nights there are moonlight dinners that have live music and are quite romantic.

Join A Couples Yoga Class

If you want to do more than just ski as a workout, how about some yoga? O2 Aspen Spa does customize special private partner classes. When on a honeymoon, the experience that you get becomes perfect. You go through sessions that are held right at the spa, which is a treat since O2 is operated from a Victorian building right outside a stunning mountain.

Window Shopping/Regular Shopping

One of the things that surprise many that visit Aspen is how many shops are open. So many of these are actually designer boutiques you do know. If visiting on your honeymoon, why not browse? There are various interesting shops that you will be surprised by. For instance, there is Amen Wardy that sells shower caps for $40 and Malo that is popular because of the cashmere sweaters available (they do cost over $600).

The designer shops may not be within your budget but there are also many that are quite affordable. At the Columbine you can buy wonderful jewelry, gems and even fossils. When you go to Les Chefs d’Aspen there are unusual housewares and artisanal soaps you will seriously think about buying. If you are book lovers, go to Bookstore and if you want some Canadian souvenirs, the Aspen Hatter is something special.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many things that you can enjoy as a couple in Aspen. What we highlighted is just a portion of what can be experienced. Do learn about all the events that are held and see what you can enjoy. It is impossible not to find something you will love as a couple.

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