Where Emery Has Got Things so Very Wrong  

It is fair to say that once again Gunners fans have had enough of the manager and the boos and choruses around the Emirates last week after the 1-1 dark against Southampton were deafening. Arsenal appear however, that they are going to keep faith with Emery for a little while longer, perhaps even until the end of the season. Emery was forgiven for his first poor campaign in charge, given that he had to have time to put his stamp on the club, we’ve now seen his efforts in doing this, and it is far from impressive. To see just how this has gone so wrong for the Spaniard, let’s dissect were the problems lie.


Defensive Mindset


Emery’s fear of losing is paralyzing and his defensive set ups time after time have been bemusing and damaging in equal measure. Take the Southampton game last week for example, he sets up with 4 at the back and 2 defensive midfielders, at home, against a team in the relegation places. He is setting the team up as though we are playing away at Man City, and it just doesn’t work when you are playing teams who are fighting for their lives.


Stamping on the Throat


There is a reason why when you look at the likes of novibet.co.uk Arsenal are only ever slim favorites to win at home or away, to much lesser opposition. The reason is that Arsenal don’t start playing until they go behind, evidence we have seen at Southampton, at Crystal Palace and Watford. Emery’s side don’t have the attitude of going out there and destroying the opposition, and that is what has cost the manager and what has contributed towards the loss of the fear factor which the Gunners once had.


Playing Out From The Back


The goal kick rule change has encouraged more teams to play out from the back, and Emery has tried this time and time again with dangerous results. How the manager is unable to spot that Sokratis isn’t a ball playing defender, or that the likes of Guendouzi and Torreira feel uncomfortable receiving the ball in this way is just beyond me. Arsenal have conceded pressure and goals repeatedly after trying this option, and the manager has just completely failed to react to the problem.


Player Management


Emery’s handling of Ozil has been a joke since day one, had he got him on side early doors then he could’ve unlocked something in the German, but he didn’t, he tried to strong-arm the situation and in doing so he has lost a real talent. Quit why Emery has played Tierney and Pepe so infrequently is also a cause for concern, especially given what we have seen from the two when they have played, dynamism and skill which the team has been lacking.


The reason why Emery will eventually go is simply down to the fact that he hasn’t identified the mistakes and errors in his ways, and this stubbornness will fail to win him any more fans or plaudits whilst he is still in charge.

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