Wedding Stresses You May Not Have Prepared For – Breaking Bad News and Affording Huge Expenses

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If you’re currently in the process of planning a wedding then you don’t need me to tell you that this is a highly stressful process and one where there are many elements to consider. No doubt you’re currently running around like a headless chicken keeping budgets and generally juggling numerous different tasks from picking venues, to choosing flowers to sending off invites.

But while you’re probably aware that you have a stressful – if exciting – time ahead of you, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re prepared for every aspect of that stressful wedding and chances are that there are some elements you haven’t prepared for. Here we will look at some of the most stressful elements of planning a wedding that you may not have thought of…

Letting Friends Down

A wedding is a time when you’ll be celebrating your love with all your friends and family and this can be a great feeling experience. It’s like you’re throwing the largest party ever and everyone is invited which of course will be sure to make you popular.


But at the same time you will also need to be somewhat harsh from time to time during this process and there will be some bad news to break as well. Such as when you need to tell the guy or woman that you’ve known for years that actually they’re not your very best friend and you’re choosing someone else to fulfil best man/chief bridesmaid positions, or when you have to tell a slightly more distant friend that they’re not even going to make usher. Or someone more distant still that sadly you don’t have enough money to invite them… at all. It’s a tricky process but unfortunately you just need to be firm when you go through with it – this is your big day and your friends should be respectful and gracious of that.

Looking Good

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At a wedding someone is going to be pledging to spend the entire rest of their life with you as their only partner – so it’s quite a big deal. For such an occasion then you of course should do your best to look good, and this will ensure you look great for the photo too. The only down side? Looking good is something you can’t easily control, and when you wake up with a huge zit on the big day this is a huge stress. The solution of course is not to worry about it too much, but also to have a good beauty regime in mind and to start eating more healthily a few months before the wedding.

Affording Things When They Go Wrong

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Weddings are very expensive and this is of course one of the biggest stresses of the whole ordeal (ahem, ‘occasion’). The good news is that your budget should cover everything, or that is at least until something goes wrong and your wedding cake gets dropped or the flowers die overnight. The only solution? Have a contingency plan and consider using payday loans etc. to bail you out.

Hoping People Get On

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Another thing that people panic about but don’t necessarily anticipate for their wedding is how people are going to get on, and if you have a rowdy bunch of friends and a very strict Aunt then this can be seriously nerve wracking. The solution is to try and make seating plan that takes such things into account, but again ultimately to also rest assured that everyone will try and get on for your sake.

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