Wedding Day Wardrobe Etiquette for the Groom

Although the bride’s attire is one of the most crucial and romantic parts of planning a wedding, it’s not all about the dress on your wedding day. When it comes to wardrobe etiquette, the groom and the rest of the male bridal party is important too. You may not be marrying him for his sense of style, but if you can ask him to stick to some of the important etiquette rules, you’ll be sure to achieve the perfect style harmony on your big day.

Of course, not everyone wants a conventional wedding day and you may have other ideas for your wedding day attire. But if you’re a traditionalist at heart, here some widely practiced etiquette rules which may help you dress your groom appropriately.

  • Rule #1 – His Suit Should Fit Perfectly

There are no real rules about whether your man should wear a tux or a suit. It really depends on the type of wedding day and wedding venue you have. At the most basic level, the groom’s outfit needs to fit him well and getting his suit measured and fitted properly is a quick and simple answer to this. A suit which fits well should have a comfortable jacket sleeve which falls around the wrist bone, a bottom hem which covers the buttocks, a collar which doesn’t have any gaps or bulges and pants which are comfortable for both sitting and standing. If you don’t want to buy a new tux or suit, there are many rental services available. Read this guide on renting tuxes for your wedding day.

  • Rule #2 – Coordinate the Tie or Cravat

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a tie or a cravat; both are fine for a wedding and it really is more of a personal choice. Don’t forget that there are other options too such as bow ties and cummerbunds, diamond bows or pointed bows. Choosing the right accessory for the formality is what’s important here. You also need to think about color coordination with the venue décor and matching up your entire bridal party’s colors.

For a more casual wedding look, high quality silk ties are the perfect midway accessory and will give your wedding party a relaxed yet formal look. For some silk tie inspiration, take a look at Knightsbridge Neckwear online.

  • Rule #3 – His Accessories Should Set Him Apart

Whilst we’ve just discussed the importance of coordinating with your wedding party and wedding venue, it’s also crucial to remember that the groom needs to stand out at his own wedding. Guests need to be able to tell him apart from the rest of the wedding party. This can be easily done whilst still staying color coordinated at all times. Style your groom in a more elaborate suit or accessorize him with a cravat whilst the wedding party all wear ties. Or if you have two colors in your wedding theme, make him stand out in a different color.

For more ideas on dressing your groom and groomsmen, take a look at the 2014 Grooms & Groomsmen Trends.

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