Top Tips For Alternative Hen Parties

Planning your first hen party can seem a daunting task, especially if the bride-to-be isn’t into the typical club and party scene. It should be a special experience designed around her tastes, and obviously not everyone enjoys going out to noisy clubs. Maybe she is more into quiet dinner parties with friends, or maybe she is the adventurous type and the bar life bores her.

Whatever the bride’s interests, the maid of honour knows her best so don’t just fall into the trap of planning whatever generic idea you think of first; think about what she would really love and how best you can give it to her.

The Adventure Party

If your bride-to-be loves to be active, you could look towards the adventure side of party planning. Paintballing is a fun action-based activity, and could be even more fun than usual if members of your group aren’t particularly used to running around in the mud and diving for cover! If the physical activity-heavy direction is not for everyone, but you still fancy something a bit different from the norm, there is a while host of opportunities available:

Go Karting could be a good idea for the car fanatics, while a group trip to a theme park could see your friends dominating the queues and riding the rollercoasters together. If you are after something really unique, why not consider a murder mystery night? Many murder mystery organisers have nights especially for hen parties, offering up an unusual but thrilling alternative few are likely to forget.

The Getaway Party

Taking the bridesmaids away for a camping trip could bring about some hilarious memories, or if you do not fancy a cold night in a tent, renting some cabins or isolated rental houses could allow you to experience the ‘getting away from it all’ feeling without worrying about the (non-existent) wolves pawing at your tent at night!

The Relaxation Party

A nice and relaxing party can be just what some brides need to prepare themselves for what will inevitably be the most hectic period of their lives. A spa day (or even a weekend!) could be just what the doctor ordered to mentally and physically prepare them for the big day.

There are limitless ways for the bride to spend a special day with her closest friends, with many people deciding to take in specialist classes, such as pottery or visiting a chocolatier for a chocolate making session – hopefully with plenty of free samples!

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