Top Ten Things Every Hen Night Needs To Include

As a bride-to-be, you’ve probably been spending a great deal of time planning for your wedding. You may already have picked out your dress and booked up the venue. Now it’s time to let down your hair and enjoy that one last night of freedom. Here are ten awesome ways to really celebrate in style:


  1. Spa day – Start your hen do with luxury and pampering at your favorite spa. Enjoy massages and facials, so you look and feel gorgeous for your big night out. Take one friend or all of them to turn it into a great hen party.
  2. Hotel suite – Book into a fabulous penthouse or suite at an exclusive hotel. See how many celebrities you can spot, or just enjoy living like one for the night. Make sure they have a jacuzzi bath, and top up on the bubbles!
  3. Champagne – No hen night is complete without a special bottle of champagne to celebrate your last night as a single lady. Enjoy a toast with your closest friends, or maybe even your mom, if she’s been helping with the wedding planning.
  4. Limousine – Book a limo to take you and all the girls around the town for the night. The bigger, the better! Go online and visit for party bus rentals to get an idea of just how big you can go. Then hop on board for the ride of your life!
  5. Cocktails – Rum and Coke is not going to cut it for a night this big. All the girls need exotic and wild cocktails to get them into the party spirit. Start at home with some of these recipes to get you started.
  6. VIP access – Book ahead for any exclusive nightclubs you may be visiting so you can gain VIP access. Enjoy being waited on and receiving priority entry for the night. Then you can dance the night away in style.
  7. FaceBook – Thanks to social media, we can now keep the whole world up to date with everything we do. Use your FaceBook page to record every moment. Upload photos or tweet the world where you are and what you’re doing.
  1. Comedy Club – Visit a comedy club or head out for a show to break up the evening. You can take a meal inside, or even dine at a fancy restaurant. Do the buffet or take on five courses. It’s your night so don’t skip the dessert!
  2. Karaoke – Often, this is best left to the end of the evening where any sense of shyness has been washed away with cocktails. Belt out your favorite song or duet with one of your gals.
  3. Hangover breakfast – After your final night of freedom, you may be feeling a little rough. Order room service to bring you a gorgeous breakfast to get you back on track. If you’re getting married today, now may be a good time to get the hairstylist in…


Weddings are hard work to organize and the hen night is the perfect excuse to go wild and reward yourself for all that effort. Most hen nights happen a few days before the wedding rather than the night before. Whenever yours happens, make it big, memorable and full of good times.



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