Top 5 Dating Disasters

Most people will have their fair share of dating disasters. I know that I certainly have, and will probably experience many more. Although awkward embarrassing moments are common in the world of dating, the risk can be reduced by avoiding the following mishaps.


1. The Cinema.

A trip to the cinema will lead to an inevitable dating disaster. There’s the awkward deliberation on which film to choose, an action fest or chick-flick and the embarrassing dilemma of whether to hold hands. However the most uncomfortable situation of all is that you cannot talk to each other to break the ice. I have been on one date to the cinema in my life, and only one, for good reasons.

2. The Ex.

On a first date, and at least the two after that, the subject of your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend should be a no-go area. Moaning about someone is not only unattractive but could give the impression that you’re not over the split. Even if your last break-up ended well, talking about how you’re still in contact will only cause jealousy and leave your date feeling paranoid.

3. Alcohol.

By all means have one or two drinks on a first date to calm your nerves. That means one or two. There’s nothing more off-putting than watching a potential partner falling off their chair or running to the toilet every five minutes. And who knows what you could end up revealing? That you haven’t been on a date for five years? That you have a worrying addiction to Facebook-stalking men you fancy? And then studying the profile of every woman they are tagged in a photo with?

4. The Friend.

A few years ago I went on a date with a guy only to discover when I got there that he had brought his friend. I found myself sitting in an empty bar trying to make conversation with one man I barely knew and one that was a complete stranger. To worsen the situation my date had no money so he made the poor guy buy us both drinks all night. Fortunately I did eventually manage to set his friend up with a very drunk girl I met in the toilets, to which we were all extremely grateful for. Nevertheless, major dating failure.

5. The Bedroom.

If you manage to avoid the previous mistakes, you may find yourself in the bedroom with your love-interest. This can lead to a male dating disaster, erectile dysfunction. Common triggers are excessive amounts of alcohol, stress or nerves and so I would advise avoiding sex for at least the first few dates. If the problem is a continuous one it could be due to certain physical or psychological health issues, and so medication may be needed. Fortunately 80% of cases can be helped. Just make sure you don’t call out your ex’s name in bed, because that is one thing that can’t be remedied.

By avoiding these mistakes you are well on your way to a successful date.  If you do slip up, do not despair. I admit to having experienced every single one of these disasters in the past! But maybe that’s why I’m still single…

Have you had any major dating failures? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Ingrid Baumgart is studying English and Creative Writing and is basing her dissertation on romance literature. Having had her fair share of dating disasters, she shares her experience writing for Dr Fox.

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