Top 5 apps for wedding planning

Weddings are supposed to be a happy time in any couple’s life. However, while it definitely brings about a great amount of joy, organize your wedding without wedding planner in Hong Kong can also stress you out. That’s because there’s a ton to plan here. From the wedding dress to the reception hall, there are a lot of details that need to be executed. That’s why today many couples are looking to wedding apps to help them put together their dream wedding. Check out the top 5 apps below:

1. Wedding Happy

While there are countless wedding services to choose from in the App Store, Wedding Happy is definitely the best one. First off, it’s very easy to use, as you don’t even have to provide an email address here. All that’s required is that you tell the free app the date you plan on getting married. From there, Wedding Happy will put together a customised to-do list of everything you need to get done for the big day. The best part is here you don’t even need to have a running Internet connection to use it. Then, just take advantage of the Export & Email feature, so that you can distribute your final wedding information to all parties involved.

2. Wedding Party

Similar to Wedding Happy, Wedding Party is another great app to use when you’re getting married. That’s because Wedding Party provides you with a space to look at all photos taken on your big day. That’s right, Wedding Party is a free app that gathers up all the pictures that your guests snapped throughout the wedding and puts it in one spot. Your guests just need to download the Wedding Party app and from there, they can share their phone pictures, as well as leave messages for you. An account on Wedding Party is free and you can even create one in mere minutes. Then, take those photos and have them printed out so that you can always remember the big day.

3. Met Office Weather

The Met Office Weather app is one of the UK’s most popular apps. That’s because this free app gives couples a chance to see the weather they’ll be faced with on their big day. The Met Office Weather will provide you with detailed 5-day forecasts for over 5,000 places in the UK. Unlike other UK weather apps, though, these forecasts are extremely dependable. Once you open the app, it will detect your current spot right away, as well as let you create a list of up to 10 other locations known as your favorites.

4. Wedding Countdown

Okay, while most couples definitely won’t forget the date they’ve set for their wedding, it’s always important to have it noted somewhere. That’s exactly what the free app known as Wedding Countdown will do. Here, you’ll be able to, as the name suggests, countdown the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until your big day. Those with the app can even personalize the countdown, so that the pictures and songs you want show up as the time passes by.

5. Pinterest


Of course no list of the top wedding planning apps would be complete without Pinterest. This free app allows you to take a look at all sorts of dresses, floral arrangements and other crucial parts of the wedding. Here, you’ll be able to come up with ideas based off of images from other people’s weddings. You can even put together your own mood boards so that your bridesmaids can help you pick out ideas. With millions of people using this app, you’re bound to come up with something that works for you.

Elle Chui is a graduate of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her experience with various event companies as a Project Executive/Manager has propelled her to be a Senior Wedding Consultant and Project Manager at One Heart Wedding, one of Asia’s biggest and most popular wedding planners.

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