Tips For Healthy Weight Loss


Whether you’ve gained a couple of extra unwanted pounds over Christmas, or if you’ve got a wedding planned and want to make sure you can comfortably fit into that dress you’ve seen in the shop window – losing weight is rarely an easy feat. There are a host of diet schemes available out there to choose from and it can be tough to know which one will work best for you.

But it is possible to shed those pounds at a healthy rate, without resorting to any specific diet in particular – getting into the habit of eating sensibly can help you lose weight gradually, and you don’t have to worry about keeping a points tracker or cutting out anything specific. Here are a few sensible eating tips to get you started:

Eat Little and Often

If you generally tend to eat one or two big meals a day and nothing else, then the fat you consume can be tougher to burn off – by having longer gaps between food, your body will get into the habit of retaining fat, so that you have energy to last. Having four or five smaller meals spread across the day, alongside regular exercise, will encourage your body to convert the calories you take in faster.

Cut Out Trashy Snacks

Temptation can be difficult to resist – a packet of crisps here, a biscuit there – especially in the middle of the afternoon, or late at night. But once you’ve not snacked for a few days and over the initial hump, putting off snacking does get easier. Making sure the meals you do eat are rounded and well-balanced will also help to eliminate those between-meal hunger spells.
If you find yourself lacking in energy at work and only a snack will do, make it a healthy one, such as an apple or a low-fat yoghurt.

Keep Hydrated

Water helps with the healthy digestion of food, but it also plays a vital role in the calorie burning process, so it’s always important to ensure you’re getting enough.

Always Read the Label

It might seem obvious, but it can be easy to pick unhealthy foods up off the shelf in the supermarket without even looking at the label, particularly if it’s busy or if you’re pressed for time – and once you’ve paid for an item, you might feel more obligated to just eat it so it doesn’t go to waste. But if you’re looking to eat more healthily, then it pays to make time to read the packet. If you’re unsure about something, always have a look at the number of calories and the saturated fat content, and see how that compares with the guideline daily amount (GDA).

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