The Guide to Buying Silver Wedding or Engagement Rings

Sterling silver engagement rings and radiant silver marriage bands have been in existence for hundreds of years and are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. The type of silver mined is the same all over the world. However, in its pure form, silver is too soft and thus cannot be crafted into jewelry like rings, chains, or bracelets. For this reason, silver is usually combined with other metals to create alloys like sterling silver.  These alloys are sturdy enough to create timeless jewelry pieces or home décor items.

For anyone looking to get engaged or married, going for a silver ring can be one of the best choices to be made. Not only is silver more affordable, you can also have it customized to meet your needs and style.

Here is the complete guide to choose silver wedding and engagement rings.

Everything you need to know about silver rings

Whether you are in the market for silver rings for women or men, it is essential to take the time to learn as much as you can about silver. This way, you will be able to make informed decisions when choosing the perfect piece.

Sterling silver

As mentioned earlier, silver is usually mixed with another metal to create an alloy. This alloy is easier to craft into durable jewelry pieces than pure silver. The most common alloy of silver is sterling silver. It is made from mixing 92.5% of pure silver metal with 7.5% of copper metal.

Treating sterling silver


In its natural form, sterling silver is not shiny and lustrous. When sterling silver rings are created, they are sometimes treated through flashing. This is a method where the alloy is coated with a fine layer of pure silver. This gives the ring a pure silver-finished look. Even so, the rings will require occasional flashing since the treatment wears off with time.

Rhodium plating

This is coating the top of the rings using rhodium. This is a plating material that leaves the rings looking shiny and increases the durability of the sterling silver rings. The rhodium plate takes years to wear off. Once it wears off, you can decide to have the rings coated again.

Popular styles of silver wedding rings

Having the silver rings handmade ensures that they feature designs and details only unique to the couple. Some popular silver ring styles include:

Gemstone rings – these are sterling silver rings made with beautiful but affordable gemstones such as blue topaz, aquamarine, and green amethyst, among other colorful gemstones. These stones offer brilliance and sparkle when set against the white silver sheen.

Claddagh rings – these are sterling silver rings that are created to symbolize friendship, love, and loyalty. This ring style has been popular since the 1700s. It is a preferred ring design choice by couples looking to reflect the deep meaning of their relationship through their rings.

Diamond rings – these are sterling silver rings that include a diamond set against the silver metal. While most people think diamonds are expensive, sterling diamond rings can actually be ideal for couples in need of diamond rings on a budget. The cost of the diamond is determined by the purity, size, and type of diamond.

Celtic silver rings – these are the most common types of silver rings for weddings and engagements. Jewelers love crafting unique Celtic knot rings using silver because it is malleable and thus easy to work with.

Caring for men and women wedding bands

To be able to enjoy a lifetime of wearing your silver ring, it is important to understand how to care for the ring.

Silver is a delicate metal that is prone to bend when put under pressure. For this reason, you need to avoid wearing your ring while performing work that may subject it to pressure. Avoid wearing the ring when performing household chores that may leave scratches on the ring. Also, store silver rings separately from your other jewelry to prevent scratching.


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