Five Stag Do Pranks That You’d Hate To Become The Victim Of.

Getting married is supposed to be one of the happiest and momentous days of your life.

However, unfortunately for the groom, it is a traditional pre-requisite for the big day to be supplemented by a Stag Do Party.

Before committing yourself to your new partner for the rest of your life (or so you hope), many men will face the dreaded final blowout with friends and loved ones before eventually tying the knot – if you make it to the altar, that is.

Here is a full rundown of the stag do pranks that you’ll want to avoid but – most likely – be subjected to!

1) Being tied naked to a lamppost

While most stag do pranks are intended to completely humiliate the victim who is unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end, this particular prank probably tops the ‘most embarrassing’ stag do scenarios.

First of all, you are powerless to move anywhere and secondly, and more disconcertingly, you are exposed to the general public and anyone else roaming the streets stark naked! Just hope that your friends get bored after a few minutes and let you down, otherwise you’ll be getting a telling off from the local police!

2) Receiving a dance from an ‘alternative’ stripper

Receiving a lap dance or provocative show from stripper may seem a perfectly harmless stag do prank but in reality there’s likely to be more to it than meets the eye.

Often, the stags will plan an ‘alternative’ type of erotic dancer for their male friend. Perhaps a women on the larger side – or even a stripper who isn’t actually female. Lovely.

3) Inviting a special guest

One guaranteed way to really irritate and antagonise a groom is to invite an unexpected guest to the stag party. Perhaps an old acquaintance that they’ve never seen eye to eye with or the potential father-in-law – now that would be awkward, wouldn’t it? Yes, a night on your best behaviour!

4) Writing or drawing on the body

Typically, at the end of a stag do, the groom is unlikely to be in the most coherent state. This leaves an opportunity for many of the other party guests to let their alcohol-fuelled creative genius (probably the wrong word) to run wild.

Drawing or writing profanities on the victim using a black marker is therefore usually a favourite pastime for stags who want to leave a surprise for their mate to awake to the following morning.

5) Shaving the head

You’d think in preparation for the impending wedding day that you’re friends may want you to help you look your best – well, think again. Another stag do prank that people like to undertake while the groom is at his most exposed (or asleep) is to shave their head. As you can imagine, this is especially mortifying if you take great pride in the length of your hair. Oh, and you’re going to look mightily silly on your treasured wedding photos.

This guest post was written by Content Developer Matthew Wood who, thankfully, is yet to be on the receiving end of any Stag Do Pranks. Matthew is contributing this article on behalf of Signature Living – a luxury accommodation service in Liverpool which can provide a great party venue for both hen and stag dos.




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