Romantic nationalities and their habits

Yes, we know that people are individuals and everyone can speak for oneself, but still there are certain nationalities that are most romantic than others. They simply know the tricks. It is just part of their nature, manner of upbringing or general attitude towards life. Romance can be measured in many ways. It could be a bunch of fresh flowers and a short note, a dinner at a fancy restaurant, a breakfast made early in the morning or a long spa weekend. For sure this is a subjective matter, but one thing is sure – it is always pleasant to be surrounded by romantic people and to be the object of one’s affection and romantic attitude.

The first nation to make it in this list are the French, even if this might sound as a cliché. French people truly know the language of love. They are experts on seduction and are absolutely irresistable. These people love life, gourmet food, chocolates and wine. It’s not by chance that Paris is known as the most wanted for romantic excursions city. French people love to talk about love and feel the person next to them truly special. The French are followed by the Italians, who also bear it in their hearts. In their seduction, Italians have the back up of their beautiful nature, fantastic food and wine, their rich history and melodious language. Spanish people are also in this list and have reputation of very good lovers. Lively, charming and hot, these people know the true meaning of romance and there is no secret for them when seduction is concerned.

Argentines are also very passionate and romantic. A typical nation from Latin America, these people have a lot of passion. If you want a proof – just look at a couple dancing tango, the most sensuous dance ever. Of course, Brazilians are also here thanks to their romantic appeal. They show no shyness when sex is concerned and throw the brightest and most extravagant carnival ever. The sensuality of the Brazilians can be sensed in their samba dance as well.

The ranking of the most romantic people on earth has room for the Lebanese as well. These people are different from the other nations from the Arab world. Their physical appearance is much appealing thanks to their dark skin and eyes, but this is not all – these people really know how to dress and behave to seduce you.

Among the rest of the most charming and romantic nations are the Irish, as well as the Swedish people. They are smartly dressed, look very tidy and good and are good companions that know how to behave in order to seduce the object of their affection. Americans have also made it to this list and they can go far in order to show their affection. These people are willing to go to various courtship rituals and take their time. Their best secret are the romantic evenings with a lot of candles, seafood, wine and chocolates. When you add the luxurious lingerie they often give as a present for one occasion or the other, no one can resist them.

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