Preview Your Wedding Location with a Checklist in Hand

Once you have narrowed down your choices for a wedding venue, it’s a good idea to go with your fiancé or wedding planner to visit them in person. Be sure to take a notebook so that you can record important information about the venue that you can easily forget when visiting numerous sites around Oxford. It’s also helpful to take a checklist of questions or a list of your preferences so that you can evaluate each location using the same set of criteria. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips to keep in mind when you visit possible venues for your wedding location.

  • Instead of simply driving by a location looking at it from your vehicle, it’s much better to make an appointment, speak with a representative of the venue, and take a tour of the facility. There may be secluded gardens and water features that will provide your photographer with the ideal backdrop for your photographs. If you’ve chosen a few venues in the same location, be sure to schedule enough time to take a tour, ask questions, and evaluate each venue with a reflective eye and your budget in mind. Before you schedule any appointments, you may want to visit a website like so that you can make a list of the venues that you’d like to visit in person.

  • Along with your notebook, you may want to bring an iPad, smartphone, or other electronic device that can record some of the highlights of the venue. Should your fiancé not be able to visit the site with you, a recording can be shared later as you discuss the pros and cons of a particular location. You should make a record of to whom you are speaking, the details that you have been offered, and any special arrangements that are available to you and your guests.

  • Don’t hesitate to take pictures that impress you on your tour of the venue; you can compare these later as you decide which location will work best for you. Make sure to make notations of each picture’s location so that your information will be accurate and your final decision the right one.

  • Collect any brochures, menus, pamphlets, rate charts, and other marketing materials and file them together in an organised manner. Keep all materials for each venue together so that later as you review the materials you won’t have to take time to determine which venue goes with a particular brochure. If you organise your notes and your own photos along with the marketing materials that you are given at each venue, you’ll have a more complete picture of each location; this should make your final decision much easier and more satisfactory for your individual needs.

Finding the right venue with a checklist in hand and the capability to make visual recordings of what you are seeing can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning your wedding day.

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