Why Online Dating Doesn’t Stop At 40

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The world of online dating has a lot of misconceptions. Many people refuse to take the plunge through fear of the unknown, word-of-mouth opinions and a sense that through doing so, they may tarnish their reputation. It’s inevitable that as you get older, the pressure to find Mr or Mrs Right increases. So it seems silly that in this technologically-advanced era of social networking, the internet isn’t championed as a dating alternative for mature individuals. Here are a few reminders of why life for singletons between 50 and 60 shouldn’t be void of romance.

“I Don’t Want To End Up Alone!”

The feeling of isolation is common amongst older singletons. Dinner invitations from smug married couples seem to manifest into a patronising interrogation of your love life. Blind dates with deranged members of the opposite sex leave you with the impression they are probably single for a reason.

Don’t panic! Online dating gives you a platform to communicate with people who are in exactly the same position. The great thing about these sites is that people’s information is laid out before you, and you have the freedom to choose whether you wish to interact. Say goodbye to any more awkward chat-up attempts at your local pub, and immerse yourself in an hour-long conversation with someone you actually like, from the comfort of your own home.

“What If They Turn Out To Be Someone Completely Different?”

This is the number one concern surrounding the world of online dating. It’s an assumption that affects all age ranges, not just the younger generation. People have a tendency to automatically assume that the friendly retired accountant from Hertfordshire will turn out to be a secret axe murder. However, studies have proven that one third of internet users have, at some point, registered to an online dating service. Use this information as confirmation that the majority of people are regular people, just like you and I, looking for companionship online.

“When It Comes Down To It, Will I Be Able To Perform?”

Once you’ve come to terms with online dating and have forged a mutual connection with someone, the natural progression is to take this relationship to the next level and start face-to-face dating. For long-term singletons, this is inevitably going to be very daunting prospect, worrying whether this blossoming romance has the potential to reach a sexual level. Performance enhancers, such as Viagra tablets,are becoming increasingly popular amongst 50-60 some-things. Boosting your capabilities in the bedroom will ensure you’re both left satisfied.

Now is a better time than ever to explore what the world of internet dating has to offer. Have you found a partner online? Don’t hesitate to share with us your stories below!

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