Olive Oil and Skin Care

Nowadays with skin care products we tend to seek out natural ingredients that are better for our skin and our bodies. Being able to pronounce a product’s ingredients calms our fear that we are using a something that actually works instead of a product that contains a long list of processed chemicals 10 syllables too long. One natural ingredient that is popular in both skin care products and in the kitchen is olive oil. Not only is it good for our health, but also it’s great for our skin.

Offers Skin Protection

Olive oil can do a lot to help protect against skin damage, wrinkles and stretch marks. It keeps skin healthy so it can fight damaging UV rays and skin cancer. It acts as a healing agent so massage it into skin to fade stretch marks, scars, cuts, and old acne scars. When cooking, substitute olive oil for vegetable oil and butter for a much healthier diet.

Olive Oil in Skin Care Products

People with extremely dry skin, allergies, or high sensitivity to skin care products find that using olive oil is much better for their skin. Olive oil is a nourishing antioxidant and is a fantastic moisturizer. It does really well in smoothing and hydrating skin without leaving it dry and irritated like other cleansing products can.

Use olive oil as an exfoliator to slough away dead skin cells by mixing it with sea salt to make an exfoliating scrub. While the sea salt sloughs off dead skin, olive oil moisturizes younger, healthier layers of skin underneath. Use this exfoliating scrub to target dry patches on legs, knees, feet, arms and elbows. Create your own spa experience mixing olive oil and lavender oil in a warm bath so you can relax and moisturize at the same time. For a face scrub, mix olive oil with sugar or combine olive oil with flour and an egg to create an all-natural facemask.

Moisturizing Benefits

Olive Oil is a great moisturizer. It gets deep into skin, keeping it nice and soft. When using it as a moisturizer, it works best when combined with water to avoid any greasiness. Mix it with water and apply before bedtime, in the morning, or put on after a shower when skin is still damp.

Sometimes our hands and feet need a little moisturizing as well, especially in the winter when skin gets extra dry. Apply olive oil to feet or hands before bed. Use socks or gloves to lock in that moisture so that skin is super soft in the morning when you wake up. When using olive oil to moisturize hands, don’t forget to massage it into the cuticles. Working the oil into cuticles keeps them hydrated and fingernails looking healthy.

Great for Eyes

Olive oil has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties. Apply a moisturizing eye cream that has olive oil in it right before bedtime. You will wake up looking refreshed and one of the best secrets to great skin is a good night’s sleep. You can also use olive oil as a makeup remover. Add some to a cotton pad and use it to gently wipe away makeup without having to suffer any irritation. Not only will this natural ingredient take off eye makeup, but it will soften skin and help diminish the appearance of wrinkles that are prone to appear in that delicate spot.

Anti-Aging Properties

Take advantage of olive oil’s anti-aging properties. Like cleansers, some anti-aging products prove to be too harsh for some skin types. Olive oil is much more gentle on the skin. It is packed with vitamins that will protect skin from harmful radicals and help improve the elasticity. This is what will make your skin look and feel younger.

Hair Care

As if all the great skin care advantages from using olive oil aren’t enough, it works well for nourishing hair and targeting scalp problems such as dandruff. Use it as a deep conditioner after shampooing by making an olive oil and water mix. Massage it in well and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water to get strong, healthy looking hair with a natural shine. Discover many other natural ways to use this beneficial ingredient for skin and hair. It is conveniently inexpensive to use when compared to other fancy skin care products on the market and its variety of uses makes it so easy to work with.

This article was written by Leah Thompson on behalf of DorMauri.

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