How to Choose Flowers For Your Perfect Wedding Day

Can flowers make or break a wedding? Well, if you get it really wrong, quite possibly.

Now, of course you have a lot of people involved, giving you advice, and working with you to create the most magical day possible. However, a little knowledge helps you to be a better, more knowledgeable customer, right?


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So getting to grips with what works, and what doesn’t work, regarding wedding flowers, and how that all fits into everything else happening on your special day, can help you to make the right decisions (or even help you fire your florist if they’re giving you bad advice!).

Color Scheme

Does your wedding have a color scheme? Well, lots of white is usually a good starting point, but what other colors are you introducing into the mix?

The colors of the flowers you choose can impact your whole day, for the better, or for worse. So give careful thought to how they fit into your overall color scheme.

If you purchase flowers online you may have more choice with the types and colors of flowers, but in the first instance it may be helpful to actually browse locally so you can see the options right in front of you.


Is budget no object? Really?

Well, as you know everything wedding related gets marked up multiple times compared to the price of the non-wedding equivalent. But if money’s no object, problem solved!

However, if you’re more budget conscious, perhaps think carefully about how to get the maximum bang for your buck. Do the center pieces need to be quite so big? Can you go with pink tulips instead of red roses? It can all be considered and negotiated. And perhaps a little haggling will work as well.

Meet with multiple florists or wedding organisers so you’re not just taking the first price you’re quoted. Plus that gives you a much better idea of what your options are. And although it is your special day, don’t let the argument “It’s your wedding day!” mean more and more gets added to the budget, at the expense of financial sanity.

Your Bridal Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet is of course in many ways the floral centerpiece of the wedding, although it may be seen for far less time than the table arrangements, and the flowers scattered throughout the reception room.

So what decisions do you need to make regarding the bouquet? Well, it needs to match the dress of course! Matching a traditional white dress shouldn’t be an issue, and most florists could likely put together such a bouquet with their eyes closed!

But you do need to consider how it fits into the other flowers you’ll be displaying. Plus, you’ll want to personalise your bouquet. So give careful consideration to the shape and size of the bouquet. Not too big, not too small, perhaps?

Keeping these points in mind can help the floral aspects of your wedding go off without a hitch!

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