Five Things They Never Tell You About Wedding Photography

wedding-photography-composition-1Your wedding day will be the most important day of your life so far and you will want to make sure that you have plenty of ways to remember it. Having lots of good photographs is very important as it will allow you to have a way of looking back on the day and remembering what happened. This is why most people have a professional photographer for their pictures. However, it is important to bear certain things in mind that you may not have been told about.


The cost of a photographer should not be a shock but sometimes it is. It is wise to make sure that you carefully talk to the photographer about what they charge will be and what will be included in that cost. Find out what any extras might cost as well. They will be happy to talk you through all of the options and costs and this may be on their website as well. You can compare costs of different photographers as well and this should help you to decide which you think will be the best.

Patience Required

When you are having lots of pictures being taken, then it does take a lot of patience. You will be standing around for a long time, probably in painful shoes too! The bride and groom will be being pictured the most and so they will need to be prepared for a lot of standing around and maybe a lot of aching cheeks from smiling a lot as well! It is worth considering guests at this point and possibly serving them drinks or nibbles or giving them some entertainment. If there are children there, then this could be even more important as they get bored easily ad will not be happy entertaining themselves by just chatting, like the adults will.

To Make A Careful Choice

It is very important to make the right choice of photographer. You want one that will be able to take the photos that you require at the price you want to pay. Make sure that you spend a significant amount of time researching the photographer. Photos are important as they may be the only things that you have to keep the memory of the day alive and you will therefore want them to be right.

To Be Clear On What You Want

It is really important to make sure that you let the photographer know exactly what you want. They will be able to ensure that they take all the pictures that you want in the places that you require. If you do not tell them what you want then you cannot expect them to read your mind. Make a list for them as you will have too many things to think about on the day to check they are taking what you want then.

To Look At Previous Work

It is extremely important to take a look at the pictures that they have taken in the past. This is because these will indicate what yours will be like. It can be good to speak to someone that they have worked with as well, find out what they thought of them and the service that they gave.

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