Does online dating lead to more marriages?

A lot of people criticise online daters for being too picky. You might only stick to your type or you might have one characteristic that just puts you off but all the advice out there tells you to go on at least one date with someone you might not normally look at. However, this fussiness – let’s call it selectiveness – could mean that partners who meet through online dating are more compatible, resulting in leading to more marriages.

Whether you meet on a dating site such as mysinglefriend or you find someone on Facebook, studies show that you’re more likely to get married and have a strong relationship. 24% of people like online dating because they can be selective! There’s no point meeting someone you really don’t get along with. If you find someone boring or annoying, it’s easy to let them down gently before you even get to meet.

Of all marriages that start online, according to this article only six per cent end in divorce; that’s compared to eight per cent of marriages where the couple meets offline. While this doesn’t show that more marriages are happening as a result of online dating, it does show that these relationships tend to be more satisfying and stable.

The popularity of online dating has risen over the last decade and the taboo once associated with it is now completely gone (evidenced by the fact that one in five relationships now starts online). This, along with the study that showed a third of marriages start online, shows that online dating is definitely contributing to marriages across the world.

People who meet offline tend to meet in bars, clubs, churches or through friends. This always used to be the norm for meeting someone but the introduction of dating websites and social media to this game has made things easier for people who don’t necessarily have the time to get out and meet someone.

Although deception happens online, most people are honest when it comes to their dating profile. A study showed that 13% of men and 8% of women lie on their dating profile but these tend to be small lies that are soon cleared up. It’s not often that you meet someone who is wildly different to their profile and picture.

The trick here is to be honest because even the smallest deception could ruin your chances of a relationship with someone you truly get on with. Don’t use an old profile photo, don’t let any of those little white lies slip into your profile, and if there’s something you don’t want other people to know just yet, because it’s something you’d rather only discuss in person with someone you trust, leave it out entirely.

With one in five relationships now beginning online, it’s safe to say that online dating is doing good things for love. It’s now easier than ever to meet someone without the effort it takes to pick someone up in a bar. This is why so many busy people are taking the leap and moving their dating efforts online.

You’ll be rewarded with a more satisfying marriage that’s likely to last longer than one initiated offline.

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