Do You Need a Wedding Planner? 7 Questions to Find Out

Plenty of brides and grooms in Oxfordshire plan their weddings without any professional help – but many others couldn’t do without the assistance of a wedding planner. If you are looking to plan an Oxfordshire wedding with the help of a professional, make sure you find the right person. A quick search reveals a multitude of planners in Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds, and beyond. Seeing as you are entrusting your day to a relative stranger, you need to be sure you have the right person, so choose wisely. But do you actually need a planner for your Oxford wedding? Answer these questions to find out – if the answer is no to a lot of them, you should probably start googling “Oxford wedding planner” right now.

1. Can You Make Calls, Visit Vendors and Get Organised During the Day?

Most vendors work during normal business hours, so if you also work be prepared to fill up your lunch hours with appointments or try to fit everything in on a Saturday. If you hire a wedding planner they can do the groundwork during the week and you can make decisions at leisure in the evenings.

2. Do You Know Where You Are Getting Married?

If you have lived in Oxfordshire all your life and have already picked out your venue then the planning process will be a lot easier. You will also likely already know where to find a good florist, or a dress designer. If you are from outside of Oxfordshire or you recently moved to the area, it can be tough to figure it all out on your own without the help of a planner.

3. Will Friends and Family Help?

If yes, lucky you. You probably don’t need a planner when you have friends to drive you to Oxford wedding venues like, call florists, order bridesmaids dresses, etc. But if your friends are a little flaky or there’s no one near, it helps to have an extra pair of hands.

4. Are you Organised and Calm Under Pressure?

No? Well, think about getting a planner. Organising a wedding can be very stressful if you are disorganised and you do not have much time. On the other hand, if you are constantly being compared to Monica from “Friends” it’s likely you will have it all covered, whatever happens and however late you have to stay up.

5. Do You Love Planning Events?

If you absolutely enjoy planning parties, sorting out guest lists, dividing up place settings and getting all the details just right you are going to love planning your own wedding. If you hate it, hire a planner right now. It’s your big day and you won’t enjoy it if you endured months of stress leading up to it. An unhappy wedding planner also causes problems in the relationship.

6. Can You Handle a Budget?

If you have problems getting bills paid on time or understanding finances you could get in trouble with vendors and you risk losing your venue or missing out on deals.

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