Divorce Battle Set to Change with a Fixed Fee Service

Changes to the legal aid rules mean that those who seek a divorce will nolonger qualify for assistance under this scheme. In order to ensure that everyone still has the right to file for an affordable divorce, the fixed fee service has been introduced.

Important changes

Legal aid for couples looking for a divorce is no longer available. Some on low incomes or on benefits may still be eligible, but you will have to prove special circumstances. In 2013 changes were announced that meant the 120,000 couples who annually file for divorce would find it difficult and costly to end their marriages. Law firms have recognised that these moves will put many couples under immense hardship so they have introduced the fixed fee service. If you are seeking to divorce an overseas national you will always need legal advice – vpnotaries.co.uk are an example of a firm which can help.

Do it yourself divorce

Most people only seek divorce when there is no other alternative. If you are a couple with no assets, or children, you could always try the services of a website that will produce the relevant forms for a ‘do it yourself’ divorce. This type of litigation is only relevant when the divorce is uncontested; you’ve been separated for two years and both parties are in agreement. An article in The Guardian clarifies the different types of divorce, and the advice that you will need to take to make the whole process run more smoothly.

Paying for divorce

Fixed fee divorces are a solution to thousands of middle and low-income partners who want to end their marriage but don’t have the funds for a high priced divorce solicitor. Many fixed fee divorces also include court cases fees, so you’ll have a realistic evaluation of how much the whole process is going to cost. Clients have complained for years that many solicitors’ fees for divorce were exorbitant, and this has led one expert, Patrick Connolly from AWD Chase de Vere, to claim that, ‘The big winners in divorce settlements are often the divorce lawyers.’ Fixed fee cases will change this.

Fixed fees offer a solution

The Independent newspaper carried out an investigation into fixed fee divorces and discovered that costs could be as low as ‘£499 each for a couple’. ‘This service will allow you to benefit from the advice from a barrister, and at the same time, avoid a lengthy court process and save on unnecessary solicitor’s fees,’ the article states.

Fixed fee divorces work best when the couple are still communicating. You should always look for a firm that offers the range of packages that will suit your situation.
If you’re arguing about money or assets, or even child custody debates, you should choose the fixed fee package that will suit you. Most importantly the withdrawal of legal aid doesn’t mean that you will have to use very expensive divorce solicitors. Fixed fee divorces will give you a choice.

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