Five First Date Rules

A first date is always nerve wracking. Wondering whether to talk about your Star Wars figures collection, or worrying if they will notice that your teeth are a bit wonky are just the tip of the iceberg. What to wear, where to go and what to say can all be tricky when you don’t really know someone. And on top of that – your mum’s excited, your friends are excited, and even your cat is excited. So if the pressure is on, read on to find out the five most important rules of first dating.

Be Yourself

Convincing the other person that you’re a great catch isn’t always easy when you’re nervous, but you have to remember that they are just as likely to be as anxious as you are. Of course it’s important to put your best foot forward, but that doesn’t mean you should try and present an image that isn’t really you. Pretending you love skydiving and long walks in the countryside if you’re afraid of heights and hate mud will only lead to trouble further down the line. So always be truthful, and don’t exaggerate…..your fibs will be unmasked!

Scrub Up

datingAlthough it’s important to look clean, what to wear is probably one of the most difficult considerations of all besides where to go. A well thought out and considered outfit says that this your date is important to you, so rocking up in one of your best funny T shirts and your scruffiest trainers isn’t going to give the impression that you’re making an effort. On the flip side, neither do you want to look as if you’re going to a wedding – so try and tread a line between relaxed and smart.

Ask Questions

Although you’ll want to sell your triumphs and achievements, boasting and dominating the conversation won’t get you very far. Always be sure to ask your date about themselves, but don’t interrogate them as if you’re on a TV crime drama. The important thing is to show an interest in their life and draw them out. This way, you’ll not only flatter them, but also find out if you want to pursue things any further.

Don’t Have a Tick List

It’s easy to have a list of attributes we want in a potential partner, but don’t be too quick to make any instant judgements. If a person makes you feel good, then the fact they have a moustache or like poodles doesn’t mean you should write them off. Take a bit of time to get to know them first!

Don’t Over Share

Even if all of your exes have dumped you, and you can’t get over your mum throwing your favourite teddy away, don’t overwhelm your date with baggage from the past. No one wants to hear your whole romantic and emotional history on a first date. So hold back and keep the conversation light – there will be time to tell them all those things later if you become an item.

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