Collections That Are One In A Million

Matching outfits, makeup, and jewelry can often become a serious process. You need to account for all of the different colors and make sure they match everything properly, including your natural skin tone and eye color. Of course, once in a while you find a jewelry collection that really stands out from the crowd. They are made with such craftsmanship that you can be sure they will go with just about anything you might wear and really help you stand out from the crowd. Made uniquely for you, the various Moissanite collections accomplish exactly that.

Enjoy a Forever Classic Diamond

The entry level choice for those on a budget, the Forever Classic collection may not hold the brilliance of more expensive stones, but you are not likely to find anything like it to compare. Falling into the faint J-K color range, these gems are still offered with exceptional clarity. They are available in a variety of cuts and carat sizes, which means they make for the perfect companion jewelry. Add a ring to complement “the one” or just put on a bracelet that will help your outfit pop. With this faint color, the possibilities are endless.

Staying Forever Brilliant

Moving up the range, the Forever Brilliant collection was decided to offer a near colorless gem that is less intense and more ephemeral. It falls within the respected G-H-I color range and also comes available in a variety of cuts and carats. One of the biggest appeals of this option is that it is so close to colorless that it can be easily used with any outfit. At the same time, its reduced cost could mean finding a gem larger than you ever imagined wearing before.

The Forever One Collection

The metaphorical “gold standard” of engagement rings, the Forever One collection offers the perfect colorless gems. They fall into the D-E-F spectrum, which means each is as white as the finest gemstone out there. They are pure, white, and brilliant, shining with an intense fire that will captivate anyone who sees it. Since achieving this level of perfection is not easy, they naturally come with the highest price tag, but compared to traditional diamonds they hold some excellent advantages.

Why Choose a Moissanite Gem?

Beyond the qualities within each collection, the biggest reason Moissanite gems stand out from the crowd is actually their manufacturing procedure. Unlike the diamonds you find elsewhere, these gem are impossibly rare in nature, at least on earth. The original stone was discovered at the site of a meteorite, and it took decades to finally emulate on in the lab. After developing the process, Charles & Colvard is now able to produce gems that are more brilliant than any other on the market today. They burn with an intense fire and even come in larger sizes than your traditional diamonds. Primarily, this is because forever one moissanite gems are slightly less dense and therefore a smaller carat ring appears larger.

So, if you want the absolute most brilliant shine available, you can’t go wrong with a Moissanite diamond.

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