Classic Wedding Flowers – Varieties And Options

Getting married is one of the biggest events in your life and if you have decided to tie the knot you will be interested in wedding flowers. Some of the classic styles that are popular today have been for many years, but they have been brought up to date with the introduction of new and interesting flowers. Wedding flowers can help to set the mood and carry your theme and colours from the ceremony itself to the reception and beyond.

Bride’s Bouquet and Bridesmaid’s Flowers

These are possibly the most important flowers that are used in a wedding and there are so many different classic looks you can opt for. Brides will tend to have a bouquet that they can easily carry and pass to their chief bridesmaid, and styles such as the posy, the crescent bouquet, the nosegay, the arm sheaf, the composite bouquet and the pomander as shown below are classic choices for many brides.

The style of the bridal bouquet will often depend on the style of the dress that the bride has opted for – if the dress is very detailed the flowers need to be more understated. If the dress is quite simple an exciting bouquet can really add the finishing touches.

A great bridal floral arrangement

Bridesmaids tend to either have a smaller version of the bouquet that the bride carries or small posy or pomander style flowers. These work well with the flowers that the bride carries without overshadowing them in any way.

Flowers for the Ceremony

All weddings will follow a colour scheme and many have a theme to tie these colours together and choosing the right flowers for decorating the place the ceremony will be held is vital. Many people will go for trailing arrangements that can be put on stands during the ceremony; these can then be moved to the reception room afterwards to add more colour and vibrancy to the event.

Beautiful flowers ready for the wedding

The Top Table

This is the place during the meal and for much of the reception that all eyes will be focused on. The wedding flowers for the top table need to be something very special and some of the most popular styles are – garlands for long top tables, individual arrangements for place settings or a large arrangement in the middle of the table if the wedding party and guests are being seated at round tables.

Many brides will also add their own bouquet to the display on the top table, just for the duration of the meal, until it is time to throw the flowers.

Guest Table Decorations

The classic look on guests tables are flower arrangements that are placed in the middle of the table and these can be quite extravagant. Adding candles, crystals, feathers and other decorative items can enhance these arrangements and really take them to the next level.

Some people like to give the floral table decorations to guests as a little extra gift, so if you are planning on doing this make sure your decorations can be moved with ease. No one wants to have to try to get a 3 foot display home after a wonderful day at a wedding, so think of arrangements that are smaller.

Popular Flowers for Weddings

There are many types of popular flowers that are used at weddings and with more exotic flowers being readily available it is possible for your florist to create some amazing looks for you. The most popular flowers used at weddings are: roses, calla lilies, gardenias, lilacs, tulips, orchids, lily of the valley, Casablanca lilies, hydrangeas and gerbera daisies. The majority of these flowers are available in different colours which you can choose to match your colour scheme.

If you are going for a spring wedding fresh and light colours tend to be a good choice, summer weddings look stunning with brighter colours which match the season and for winter weddings red and white flowers are the classic choices.

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