Choosing the Perfect Gift for Your Groomsmen

You and your bride will be raking in some serious loot on the wedding day, but it’s also vital to remember those who are also deserving of gifts: the members of your wedding party. Being a groomsman or best man takes a lot of time, planning and commitment so it’s really nice to give them something special to show them just how much you appreciate it! Here’s a handy guide on the etiquette surrounding gift giving so you can choose something truly memorable.

Who Should Receive a Gift?

Traditionally the groom is responsible for giving gifts to the male members of the wedding party, including the best man, groomsmen, ushers and ring bearer. But it’s also nice to give something to your father and the father of the bride if your budget will stretch to it. Finally, don’t forget your minister, clergy member or whoever’s officiating your wedding. This isn’t mandatory by any stretch, but it’s a really nice gesture. You can choose whether it would be more appropriate to give them a small gift, or a tip of their fee – though personally I would suggest a gift.

Choosing an Appropriate Gift

When selecting gifts it’s important to think about what would be right for each individual recipient, and there’s certainly no rule that everyone should have the same gift! These guys are probably some of your best friends, so why wouldn’t you get something each person will love. The best gifts are the ones that will actually be used rather than placed on a shelf to collect dust. Drinking accessories, such as a hip flask, can be great – but can be left on a shelf rather than used. A watch makes a fantastic gift for almost any groomsman, but make sure to try and get one to fit in with their personal style. Watches2U have a great selection that’s definitely worth checking out. A money clip can be a really stylish choice, but isn’t as style dependent as a watch, wallet or other fashion item. Plus you can often have them engraved to add an extra personal touch. If you go for personalised gifts of any kind, make sure you leave plenty of time for delivery – at least a month and a half before the wedding should be enough. Also, double-check your spelling! There’s nothing worse than having beautifully chosen and personalised gift opened, only to find the message is spelled incorrectly.

How Much to Spend

The amount that you spend on gifts largely will depend on budget constraints, how many groomsmen you have, and how many gifts you need to buy. Weddings are expensive and some additional costs can sneak up on you if you don’t plan ahead, so avoid that by setting out a clear budget at the start. Don’t feel you have to spend a fortune on everyone; a small perfectly chosen gift will be far more special than an extravagant but inappropriate one.

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