Choosing the Perfect Finishing Touches for Your Wedding Reception

It’s amazing how much of a difference the details of a wedding reception can make, and just those extra little touches can make your day perfect. However, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the things that are right for you – there are just so many options! Here are some ideas to help you figure out what’s going to fit in well with your colour scheme, theme and vision.

Personalised Favours

It may be your day, but it would be much less special without your friends and family around you. Personalised favours are an ideal way to make sure your guests have the best possible experience – and more importantly make them feel treasured! If it’s an adult only wedding, Just Miniatures have a personalised wedding favour service so you can give each guest a little tipple to remember the day by… or rather the opposite! A really simple option is a personal, hand written note to your guests. Tell them how much you appreciate them and how important it is that they’re sharing your special day.

Glittery Touches

Just adding a little glitter to the proceedings can make any reception feel opulent, particularly if you’ve chosen bold floral colours. Gold is THE colour of the year, and tones in well with most colour schemes and seasons. You could DIY some glittery letter names as cake toppers, or go for gold charger plates to bring a subtle hint of decadence.

Bring the Outdoors In

More and more brides are choosing to go for nature inspired rustic themes, and so these touches of the outdoors are making their way into the wedding mainstream. One great option is to have your florist work some branches into your table displays. Or, for a budget friendly alternative, pick some wildflowers and put them in jam jars – but always check with the landowner first! Using lavender seeds to spread a scent is an old trick, and one that’s easy to steal. Simply drop some at the entrance to your marquee and let the guests spread the scent on their shoes as they walk around – brilliant!

Celebrate your Bridal Party

Over the months you’ve been organizing your wedding, your bridesmaids and maid of honour have been there for you to see you through any crisis – so now’s the time to thank them with a perfectly chosen gift. Brides don’t always think of this as a finishing touch to their day as the gift giving usually takes place behind the scenes, but sharing the moment together will be one of your most cherished memories. Remember, there’s no rule that says everyone has to have the same gift, so choose something really special that each person will appreciate.

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