Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

No wedding is complete without flowers and no bridal outfit is complete without a bridal bouquet, so your choice of flowers is really important. It’s up to you what style you wish to go for; whether you prefer to be subtle or extra vibrant is all down to personal taste, but either way it’s important to choose flowers that will go with the theme of your day and even more importantly, your dress.
All of the flowers are usually based around the design of the bouquet so you should usually decide on this first. After that it’s time to think about the bridesmaid’s flowers, men’s buttonholes, reception flowers and any flowers that will be placed at the church.
When trying to decide on your bouquet you should talk to the florist about the style of wedding that you are planning along with the colours that you’ve chosen and the style of your dress. The season that you’re getting married in is also important when it comes to deciding on your flowers as seasonal flowers are obviously much easier to get hold of. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have flowers that are out of season it just means you may have to pay a little extra for them.
If you tell your florist the time of your wedding and everything that you’ve already planned along with your budget for flowers, they should be able to find a bouquet that’s perfect for you and your budget.
If you have a tight budget and you have to sacrifice some of the flowers then you can do without corsages and buttonholes for anyone other than the groom and best man; you could also sacrifice the flowers at the ceremony as the reception flowers are definitely more important because you will be spending much more time there.
The bouquet is definitely the most important set of flowers as no bride is complete without them. The bouquet will make an appearance throughout the day in the church, all of the photos and even at the reception so it’s really important that they’re there. The bridesmaid’s flowers are also important and these tend to be a smaller version of you bridal bouquet; as they will be present in the pictures too it’s important that everyone matches. The men’s buttonholes and women’s corsages are made from the same flowers as the bouquet and should be given to the groom, best man, any page boys and the mother of the bride and maid of honour or head bridesmaid.
Finally, the reception flowers are an essential, but you can have a lot of fun with these; it doesn’t matter if it’s a vase arrangement or something a little more obscure.
Flowers will be an essential through your wedding as they provide a colour that links everything together, so make sure you use this guide to get it right.

Claudia Davis recommends putting choosing your wedding flowers high up on your ‘to-do’ list of wedding preparation.

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