How To Choose A Best Man That Won’t Embarrass You

Most people think that choosing their best man is easy.  They’ll ask their best friend, or their brother, for example. Either way, it will always be someone that they have spent a lot of time with, are close to, and would trust with their own lives if necessary.

However, as outrageous as it may sound, trusting someone with your life and trusting them not to make a fool of you at your wedding, or during a bachelor party, are entirely different things.

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about choosing the right best man, as we put together this quick list to help ensure that you don’t choose someone likely to embarrass you at every opportunity.

Avoid Your Best Mate

This might sound like taking things to the extreme, but ultimately it might be for the best. Those closest to us might have our best interests and heart, but they are also far more likely to push the envelope and try our patience to the extreme.

To be honest, your best mate might be relieved that he doesn’t have to plan a party or come up with a ‘clean’ speech that is acceptable to you, your bride, and all of the other guests that will be at your big day.

Find a Follower

If you really want to have a great best man, get someone that will do everything you ask of him. Yes, giving up some of the duties is the whole point of having a best man, but if you want everything to run smoothly then this is a simple solution.

You don’t need to get someone meek who is going to take orders and run around like a little mouse, but someone who you can give instructions to, who will avoid putting their own slant on things for a laugh, and is reliable, will always be useful.

Safe Hands

Sometimes we don’t have a follower as part of our friendship group. In that case, it might be that we choose our best mate, or instead we turn to the safest pair of hands we know.

Why would you do this? Well, embarrassment comes in many ways, and it is not just things such as being tied to a lamppost or stripped naked that have the potential to humiliate you. Going for someone safe and reliable, who won’t do anything out of the ordinary, but doesn’t need telling what to do and directing at all times, either, could well be your best bet.

Use a Committee

Still unsure of who to use as the best man? Safety in numbers may well be your best bet, and asking all of your friends to be ‘best men’ could well be the answer. It also means you are likely to get a great mix of ideas, and a nice balance between fun activities without them going too far, unless you happen to be friends with a group of clowns!

Finding a great best man is often more difficult that you’d imagine, but with a little thought and consideration, it will be no problem at all.

Adam is an online content writer with a specific interest in the wedding industry. Adam looks at modern wedding trends, such as the use of a tungsten band instead of a traditional gold one, and how themed weddings can give a unique and exciting twist to the big day.

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