How Changing Your Looks Can Change Your Life

While many people focus their goals on making money, gaining material items, and amassing wealth, we should all have one goal above all others: to live a happy, healthy life. After all, nobody knows what happens to us once we move on from this world. We were put on this planet to enjoy life and to live well, not to become rich!

Many people focus on changing their appearance, aiming for the ultimate goal of perfection. While bettering yourself is perfectly healthy, aiming for perfection is not. Nothing on this planet is perfect, and nothing ever will be. If you strive for perfection, you will never achieve it, and you will lead an unhappy, unpleasant life. If you are happy with what you have, and work slowly towards bettering yourself, you will be happy and live well.

Unfortunately, our modern society places a lot of importance on our physical appearance – often more so than on our actions. Since so much depends on physical appearance, changing your appearance for the better can have a huge effect on your whole life. While it probably shouldn’t be that way, that’s the way it is, and the only thing we can do about it is comply with society’s demands, and live a good life. This article will go into detail concerning how changing your looks can change your life.

Research has found that certain countries place more value on people’s appearances than others. First-world countries like the United States, Canada, and the UK place a very hefty value on physical appearances, while other countries do not value it as highly. Of course other factors such as personality and intelligence come into play all throughout the world, but certain countries seem to care more about looks than anything else.

Improve Confidence

Perhaps the biggest gift that a better physical appearance can give you is better confidence. Confidence comes into play in almost every situation in life. When meeting new people, confidence helps break the ice and make friends. People are more willing to become friends with someone who is confident and outgoing than someone who is not confident and afraid of the world.

In relationships, confidence comes into play even more. Simply approaching a potential mate at a bar, party, or other social gathering can be nerve-wracking. If you have no confidence, you might not even build up the courage to approach someone. And, without good confidence, you definitely won’t be able to hold an interesting conversation and get their phone number or a date. Online dating has made this aspect a little easier, but still, if you lack confidence, you will find many of aspects of relationships to be quite difficult.

In the workplace, confidence often translates into promotion potential. Your boss wants you to do a good job, and be confident and proud in your work. While looking better won’t directly improve the way you do your work, it will improve your confidence and make it easier to accomplish tasks. Also, having confidence when speaking to your superiors is important. If you are called in for a conversation with your boss – or the person who has the ability to fire or promote you – and you display confidence, intelligence, and self-esteem, they will be much more likely to consider you for a promotion.

Many studies have shown that confidence and good looks are directly tied to success in the workplace. After all, nobody wants to put someone in power over others who isn’t even confident in their own actions! You want to prove to your superiors that you are ready for any task, and that you’ll be able to meet any challenge with confidence and intelligence. Also, they will want you to be confident in your decisions, and not shy away from your responsibilities. While you can easily be confident without good looks, it helps a lot to dress well and look your best.

One study has shown, quite clearly, that it is easier for pretty people to land jobs. 57% of hiring managers told a NEWSWEEK researcher that unattractive candidates would have a harder time landing a job than their attractive counterparts, regardless of their qualifications. Studies have also shown that good-looking people make more money. One survey found that, on average, handsome men make 5% more than not-so-handsome men working similar jobs. Attractive women make, on average, 4% more than not-so-attractive women working similar jobs. This might seem very unfair to you, but it’s the way things work. Economists have labeled it “the beauty factor” and it affects most industries.

Improve Self Esteem

Self esteem and confidence often go hand in hand, but at their root they are different attributes. Self esteem is what allows you to go about your life with a happy, pleasant demeanor. Confidence is what allows you to interact with others while remaining stoic and, well, confident. Improving your looks often directly improves your self esteem, which can make many of life’s activities much easier. Plus, when you have good self-esteem, it will be easier for you to change other things about yourself, continuing to improve your life.

When you have good self esteem, you will wake up in the morning, ready to face the day. No matter what challenges lie ahead, you will face them head-on, with confidence. While many factors contribute to self esteem, the way you look is a huge component. You will find that, with confidence and high self esteem, almost every task you are faced with will be a little bit easier!

Improve Health

A big part of looking good is being in shape. Being in shape can have a positive effect on almost every aspect of your life. When you are in shape, you will find that you have more energy, more confidence, and more love for life. You will be able to stay out longer, do more adventuresome activities, and build a happy, healthy life.

You will be amazed at how much easier life is when you are in shape. It will be easier to get up in the morning, even without coffee. It will be easier to do strenuous activities, and you will find that you are happier in general. If you are currently out of shape, you owe it to your happiness to work hard at improving your physical health. If you are in shape, but still have room for improvement, you should still continue to exercise and eat well.

The thing about exercise is that it must be done on a regular basis. You can’t exercise hard for 2 weeks and then stop, and expect to see any long-term results. In order to stay in shape, you must continue to exercise daily. Of course you can take short breaks of a few days now and again, but if you want to see real results, you need to work hard at it. Don’t cut corners, commit to daily exercise, and keep at it!

Committing to better health is one of the best choices you can make in life. When you are healthy, you are able to live life to the fullest and enjoy yourself no matter what you choose to do with your time. Plus, if you are healthy you will live longer, allowing you to accomplish more and spend more time with your loved ones.

Lastly, being in good physical shape can help save you money. If you follow a healthy diet, and cook for yourself, you can save a lot of money on food. Eating out at restaurants is great, but if you do it too often, you will find that you spend a lot of money on it. Plus, restaurant food is usually not too healthy. Also, when you stay in shape, you won’t have to go to the doctor too often, so you will be able to save money on medical expenses. Insurance can also get cheaper when you are in better health, as you have less risk of developing a serious health issue.

Make New Friends

You will discover fairly quickly that as your looks improve, it will become easier to make new friends. This is not directly tied to your looks, but instead, to your confidence, willingness to try new things, etc. It will be much easier to make new friends if you are confident enough to go to clubs regularly, have a good time and talk to people. The more outgoing you are, the more friends you will make, and it’s much easier to be outgoing if you look and feel great.

When you are in shape, you will be more willing to be adventurous and do more outdoor activities. Because of this, you will be introduced to a whole new variety of people, who are active, fun and outgoing. If you weren’t in shape, chances are you would never even see these people, let alone become friends with them. You can make many friends by trying new activities, and who knows – you might meet that special someone in a place you’d never have imagined in your wildest dreams!

Improve Relationships

You will discover quite quickly that when you look and feel good, your relationships will improve. If you already have a special someone, your relationship with them should get a boost by your new appearance. If you are currently single, you will find it MUCH easier to find dates if you are looking your best.

When considering you for a date, the first thing that most people consider is your looks. While this is not fair, it’s the way the dating scene works. If you are not looking your best, you might miss out on a date with a completely compatible individual, simply because he or she was not willing to overlook your physical appearance. Once the ice is broken and you’re on the date, you’ll be able to discuss and see if you are compatible with your date – an opportunity that may never have arisen if you didn’t make the effort to improve your looks. While romantic relationships are the main focus of this section, you will find that your non-romantic relationships improve with your looks as well.

Improve Your Mood

Some studies have linked unattractiveness to depression. It comes as no surprise that people who are unattractive – or those who consider themselves to be unattractive – might be more prone to depression. Many people feel like they were given the short end of the stick, or that they were unlucky or cursed from birth. On the other hand, people that are attractive often go through life happy and healthy.

Looking your best, regardless of how attractive you are without trying, can significantly improve your mood. We tend to get used to the way our bodies look, and though we might feel some shame, we move on and continue our lives. If you make some simple changes and do your best to look as good as you possibly can, you will find that your mood will improve.

Whenever life has you down, make sure to think about your positive attributes. Everyone has something that they are great at, and certain attributes that they are proud of. If you know yourself to be good at something, be proud of it, whatever it may be. You will find that many attractive people simply don’t have many skills. This is because, all throughout life, they have been handed things, and been shown the easy route around problems. People who are not so attractive have had to work harder, and hone specific skills to get ahead in the workplace. This is why we see so many attractive celebrities that are just plain stupid – they make millions of dollars, and chances are they’ve been attractive their whole life. These people have never had to work very hard to find success.

If you are just a normal person who wasn’t blessed with good looks, all you can do is do your best to get in shape, dress well, and look the best you can. And remember to be proud of your achievements and your skills, and be happy!

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