Catch The Dream: Frame Your Wedding Moments

We all have a dream from the very beginning of our lives about the one day when we seize to remain what we have been all our lives and become a part of someone else’s life. It is a scared union of two people coming together as one. Yes, you have guessed it right, it is our wedding day.

Don’t we all imagine how are wedding day should be like from day before it can even materialize. Whom all to be called, where should the wedding take place, the perfect three storied cake, the impeccable dress, the ideal decoration and everything should be right and nothing less than perfect is what we like to settle for.

More Than The D Day

Weddings are not only about the final D day, it is about all those moments that take to make the final day as fabulous as we ever dreamt it to be. It starts from the day it was proposed and the announcement was made. And the days that come in between when couples find each other inseparable. These are the perfect days to capture in a frame.

Couple photography or portfolios is it is called is a brilliant idea to go for, for those perfect pictures which captures the longing for togetherness and wealth of love between them. Trust me, these clips become your favorite, and are always on your walls and bed sides. From days before the wedding is about to take place there are so many moments worth capture.

My personal favorites are the moment when the mother hands over her veil, the one which she wore with a wish in her eyes for her daughter to have a married life as beautiful and promising as hers’ have been. When the father sees are daughter all dressed and ready for the wedding, a tear trickles down his cheek filled with pride and love for his daughter.

And the best one is when the father walks the bride down the aisle; it is such a beautiful moment filled with such enormous emotions that a photo falls short many a times. It is for moments like these that I prefer to take a video, so that all these moments can be captured without a single miss.

You know what’s the beauty of today’s technology, we can also get pictures from a video clip, now isn’t that absolutely fantastic! But off course we would need the help of a highly professional hand for that, unless off course you are a photographer yourself.

Make The Right Choice

A professional photographer is a blessing in disguise for your weddings, trust me on that one. And one should be very careful while choosing a photographer as not all self-acclaimed photographers are worth their penny. We should look for work that a photographer has done prior to make sure that he/ she will be able to deliver your dream in an album.

This is however have again become a very easy task, and off course all the credit again goes to technology and the advantages of the digital world we are living in today. You would find so many wedding photography sites which give you not only the contacts of the right person to choose from but also gives you wedding photography ideas in abundance. You might want to look around a few wedding albums and photographs before deciding on a wedding photographer.

Also you might want to check out on the photos to gain ideas which you can then use for your own wedding, isn’t that absolutely great! Trust me while you browse through you are going to find many clicks worth taking on your own wedding journey and would cherish them forever.

I myself had a collection of wedding pictures which I wanted to be clicked on my wedding; way ahead it was all planned. And till this date I cherish those moments clicked with my beloved wife. It is not only about the photos but the experience that you come across while the shoot takes place, these are the moments which make the photos worth and memorable for eternity.

I’m sure after reading this piece, you would definitely take my advice and browse through a collection of fabulous wedding photos and get a collection of yourself and also get a photographer who can capture more than what the moment is worth.

The author is a freelance SEO by profession, and is also a great writer. He writes on various topics from professional and personal life. His article on wedding photography is inspired from his own experince with Edinburgh wedding photographers.






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