Break Out Of The Routine – 3 Themed Parties You Can Hold In A Tent

Regardless of whether you are planning a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, cocktail party or a fancy dress party, the outdoors is the best place to hold them this year. If you are concerned about the weather ruining your ‘carefully planned’ festivity, then rest assured that you have a handy solution to avert this issue via a party tent rental service.

Besides making your event more interesting for your guests, party tents are also versatile enough to help you implement an original theme idea. And, when it comes to putting your craziest ideas into practice, it suffices to say that within a tent, your imagination is the only limit. Let’s summarize some of the fantastic themed parties you can hold in tents.

the tent

1. Arabian Nights

First off, the nature of the tent makes it the ideal shelter unit to organize a Middle Eastern theme party, such as an event inspired from the Arabian Nights. The poles as well as the roofing make excellent supports for hanging sumptuous fabrics and extravagant decorations. In addition to using luxurious and opulent materials, it is necessary to mention that the tent can further be decorated with specific Middle Eastern plants, such as small palm trees and a plethora of colorful lotus flowers.

In the eventuality that you are organizing a formal event, then it is necessary to mention that there are numerous fruits you could utilize to create edible centerpieces. Speaking of the foods you could serve at your Arabian Nights inspired bash, ordering specific Arabian cuisine will surely leave a great impression on your guests.

2. Hawaiian Luau

Spirit of Aloha Stage

If you are regularly travelling to Hawaii and you are a fan of the local customs and cuisine, then the notorious Luaus are another great thematic party to have in a tent. A tent for this type of outdoor celebrations will add that feeling of authenticity. In addition, with a little bit of careful planning and decorating, your guests will easily become immersed in the fun tropical atmosphere and completely forget that they are actually in your backyard.

Similar to the Arabian Nights inspired party, the tent works in your advantage when preparing the settings for the festivity. The only rules you need to remember when decorating for your Luau is to add plenty of bold Hawaiian floral prints, Tiki torches and fresh seafood or fruit dishes. Since you want authenticity, don’t forget to greet your guests with the traditional fresh flower ‘lei’ and the customary kiss.

3. Southern American Hoedown

Hoedown (technically a Hootenanny)

In case you are throwing a kids’ party and you want to be sure your son or daughter’s guests will not get bored easily, then how about a hillbilly hoedown theme bash? The secret here resides in not placing any chairs, tables or anything else that could give the impression of a formal dinner, where kids would have to behave. All of the furniture could be replaced with hay bales that you cleverly arrange around the interest points. While it might be tempting to arrange them around the outer walls of the tent to make room for dancing, keep in mind that this could be perceived negatively by shy children.

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