Take away your big day

A wedding is not just about the dress, the cake, the flowers and the guests. It’s all the little things that go into making a day personal to you from beginning to end.
A great way of keeping all the memories of the day you might have forgotten or missed is to have a guest book. Guests can write about their favourite moments from the day and send you best wishes and personal notes without having to take you to one side or make a speech. It’s simple and effective without costing the earth or taking up much time plus you can keep it for years and look back through it with your children. A more individual idea is to hire a photo booth so that guests can take funny pictures of each other and with you that they can stick into a scrapbook for you or take a copy home so that all your guests remember the funny times they had together. Another cost effective way of remembering your day is to place disposable cameras on each table so that guests can take pictures of you and your groom from every angle and capture shots a professional photographer might not have seen as well as pictures of each other. At the end of the night collect them all up and get them developed in print as well as on a cd so you can upload them to the internet for all your friends to see.
Having things that your guests can take home is a great way for everyone to keep the memories going every time they look at them. The mementos can begin way before the actual wedding with save the date cards that can be kept as fridge magnets followed by invitations that can be saved as photographs on one side with the important details on the other.
Everything you provide needs to match your running theme so it can be taken away as a souvenior so try to incorporate either the colour theme, your choice of flower for the day, your names or initials or pictures of the two of you. The ultimate take away gift is a goodie bag at the end of night which can include wedding favours such as thank you cards and fridge magnets, photographs, a copy of the hymns sung, confetti, candles and a piece of wedding cake.
You want everything you have picked to be able to be taken away and used so that your wedding day can be relived for years to come.

Lilly Bowden is a successful party planner and writes on behalf of www.weddinginvitationsonline.ie

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