Benefits of Using Tents for Your Event

Whether you are hosting a work event, your wedding or your child’s first birthday party, you want the event to be perfect. This means finding the perfect venue but they can be expensive and not everything that you need. There are many benefits to hiring a large tent or marquees and holding your event there. Here are some of the ways that you will benefit.


Choose a Tent for Your Size

By selecting tents, you will have a variety of sizes to choose from. You can find small ones that will git in the back garden, perfect for adding more room for your child’s birthday party, or you can have larger tents for an outdoor space to fit hundreds. The cost will be determined by the size that you choose so you will not need to overpay for a larger room than you really need. You will also make sure that you have a rental large enough for your event. The problem with many indoor events is that you will be limited to a couple of hundred people but you may need room for many more, especially for a wedding.

Decorate How You Want

With hotels and indoor venues, you may be limited to the type of decorations that you have, the lighting and the companies that you hire for other parts of the event. With the tents, you can decorate exactly as you want. There is no need to worry about the hotel’s color schemes or the restrictions on lighting placements.

A Choice of Flooring

Even though you have a tent, you do not need to worry about wet grass or heels sticking into the ground. The companies have various types of flooring to choose from, including dance floors. You can make your event stand out for much less than you would usually pay for when it comes to hotels and other indoor venues. The flooring is hired with the tent and by the same company so you do not need to worry about contacting different companies to help you set up the perfect event.

Choose Your Own Caterers

Want to cater your own wedding but do not have that option by hiring the hotel? With a tent you do. Some rental companies will be able to offer catering if you need it but you could save a lot of money by making your own food or sourcing local companies. This could help you offer a mixture of dishes at a wedding so everyone has something that they love, unlike most places where you are stuck with the same menu for everyone.

Rent Other Parts of Your Event

The rental companies also offer tables, chair and linen to help create the perfect event. You will gain the choice of different sized tables to seat a variety of numbers and various types of seats. Some companies also offer glassware and china to help make your event stand out. These could help you save money and will look better than using paper plates!

When searching for the perfect venue, consider hiring a tent and offering an outdoor event. The tent will shelter your guests from the rain and help you offer something that is specific for your needs. You will often save money since you can hire smaller tents for small events and the company will erect and take down the tent – saving you time and hassle!

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Tim is a full time event planner and enjoys writing to help others help plan their events. He is a big fan of event rentals, especially using tents for the perfect outdoor event experience.

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