Avoid the Boring Stuff and Make Your Stag Night a World Class Event

A man’s stag night should be one of the most special events in his life. This is when he says a farewell to the single life and starts an exciting new phase.

However, despite the best intentions in the world stag nights can go horribly wrong. If yours is to be a roaring success instead of a flop then you will want to avoid the boring stuff and make some smart decisions.


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Choose the Location Wisely

The place where you hold your stag event is vital to it being a success. Men would traditionally stay in their home town for these nights in the past. While there is something special about going around all your old haunts, many people now choose to make a trip somewhere different. This could mean just going to a different city or it could mean heading abroad to look for some sun, some culture and some new things to eat and drink. If you are going to go to a different country be sure to choose somewhere that is likely to appeal to everyone in your group. You will also want to make sure that everyone in your group of friends will be able to afford the expense of going away. You don’t want a good friend to miss out because of the cost. Arranging the event well in advance will help everyone plan for it and save up money if they need to do so. Of course, if you are travelling away you will want to spend a few days there and make the most of it.

Hand Pick the Guests

It can be tempting to bulk up your group by inviting anyone you vaguely know. This will ensure a good crowd of party goers but you might feel a bit of regret once the evening starts. This is a time for being surrounded by your closest friends and recalling your most special memories. Even if that means going out with a smaller group it is still the best choice. Start off by noting the names of the people you simply can’t imagine not going on your stag night. If you have enough numbers there for a great evening then you probably won’t even need to look any further for other people to invite. Another idea is to start off with a small group of your closest friends and then meet up with the others later on in the evening. Alternatively, you could even organise 2 different stag dos and have different groups going to them.

Play a Safe and Fun Drinking Game

Drinking games get a bad reputation but some of them can be safe and fun. For example, pub golf is something that you might want to consider playing. Basically, this is a game that involves everyone dressing up in old fashioned golfing gear. You then have a type of golf card that lists local pubs as the different holes. The par for each pub is the number of gulps or sips it should take to finish a drink. This can turn into a fantastic drinking game that everyone gets in the spirit of very quickly. By sticking to just 9 holes and sensible drinks you can enjoy this game without any problems. Other stag games that are worth considering are Weak Hand Drinking, the Synchronise Watches game and Buzz. In fact, there are loads to choose from. If you choose fun, amusing games like these then you can enjoy a few drinks without everyone falling about hopelessly drunk.

Get Some Quality Entertainment Arranged

Drinking and having a laugh with your friends is an essential part of a stag night but you will probably want some form of additional entertainment as well. This is an opportunity to add a really special touch to your evening with the likes of the classy options from jukesents.co.uk. As well as the traditional stripper or dancers, you might want to look for some additional types of entertainment if you all head off on a multi-day trip. Going from the hotel to the pub every day is a pleasure that is going to wear thin pretty quickly if you haven’t got something else lined up. These days there are some terrific stag attractions in most of the cities which are popular for these events. Going kart racing, comedy nights and paintball are some of the things you might want to consider. These things can end up being a lot more memorable than the time you spend in the pub!

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