7 Tips For Organising A Hen/Bachelorette Party

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So we’ve laughed at Bridesmaids, watched countless of movies and read plenty of chick lit and now suddenly (or not so suddenly) your best friend’s getting married and it’s your turn to make it awesome for her. To organise the world’s greatest hen-do, girl stag night, bachelorette party, terminology doesn’t matter. And the bride has invited a bunch of people – her friends from other walks of life – whom you don’t personally know. What to do, what to do…

1) Organise your interests
Identify what the bride likes! Meet the others early and ask around as to what others are expecting or thinking of. Would a crazy night with strippers and a high speed car chase be on the cards? Adjust and amend as to what the bride and everyone else might enjoy. Identify a few activities – Dressing up as zombie bridesmaids or watching films – and work things out from there! Most importantly, make sure that you celebrate the bride and her happy news, don’t self-indulge and get medi-pedis just because you think all women need them.
Along the way, don’t forget-

2) Your budget
People are pleased with lavish things, everyone enjoys the little luxuries in life. But if this is starting to look like The Thing That Will Bankrupt You, step back. Step way back and run in the opposite direction because no one likes The Thing, as awesome and glitzy and fun it would/might be. Discuss with the bride – even if you meant it to be a surprise, please please discuss the budget at the very least. Who is paying for this? Don’t let the numbers add strain and tension to relationships and to what ought to be a stress-free fun night!
If finances are tight, there are numerous other alternatives which cost very little. Zombie attack in the park? Rope in her other friends and have a massive hunt and chase – it might sound childish but it’s what other people are willing to pay for, so have an open mind! Besides it can always end with a good meal and drinks.

3) Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and Have Backups!
You want the night to move on its own, without you directing everything because you’ll end up being the one enjoying it the least! You want it to be a rolling stone down a hill. So plan now. Because maybe it will and maybe it won’t. How will you get from A to B? Limousine? Private cab? Car? If you think of them now, you won’t have to think of them later.
Bar too full? Out of space? Comedy club closed? Damn! So have backups! What else is free and available around at XX o’clock at XX Street? The last thing you want is for a mad scramble on smartphones as everyone tries to find something else to do and the worst thing which you want to avoid is having the atmosphere hang itself.

4) Don’t do anything you will regret
There will be cameras. Trust me, there will be photos. And oh, look, almost everyone has Facebook now. Does the bride really want that photo of the stripper lap dancing her to be on the interwebs? (No? Don’t have the stripper!) Does she want her future husband to see it? For that matter, do you? No? Then rethink the itinerary of the party. Remember: The hen do is to celebrate the bride as a woman, not an excuse to return to the days of college-university drunkenness and stupidity.

5) Think! You have Choices!
Soirees, Wonderland-esque tea parties, zombie discos of the ‘90s, themed sleepovers! The odds are that she hasn’t had the chance to hang out with her friends in a purely all girls setting and you want to make it more than just about drinks and good food. It’s all about helping the bride to relieve her wedding planning anxiety and stress, not contribute to it! (So no hangovers if you have work – inner self, sigh in relief please.)

6) To Gift Or Not To Gift? That Is The Question.
This is entirely up to you. Bridal gifts are always nice but they need not be expensive. Pay attention. Maybe she has been swooning over a blender, give it! But make sure that everyone’s on the same page, what will one do with two blenders otherwise? The whole point is to make it memorable for the bride and everyone.

7) Have Fun!
I don’t even know why I should be saying this, but people tend to forget. (Why. Seriously.) Don’t stress, have fun and make memories! You’re the planner so make it work and people will follow, don’t worry too much about whether people will enjoy it – they will.

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