5 Top Fake-Tan Tips

It’s that time of year when the summer seems a long way off. Memories of that fortnight in the sun during the summer have long since faded, as has the tan. There’s little argument that most of us feel happier and look healthier with a beautiful glow about us, but many are put off fake tanning by tales of a day-glo orange, streaky finish.

Ditch the Sunbeds

Fake tanning products have come a long way in recent years and there is now conclusive evidence that using sun beds on a regular basis can be dangerous. As well as raising your risk of skin cancer, too much skin can leave you with wrinkles and blemishes. If you simply can’t do without your dose of sunbed therapy, 5 minutes, once or twice a week is the upper limit. People with red hair, freckles or lots of moles are advised to avoid sunbeds completely.

Spray Tans

To avoid any issues with streakiness, go for a professionally applied spray tan. When going for a spray tan, you strip to your underwear and stand in a special booth while the operator sprays your body with the tan. If you don’t fancy going topless in front of the operator, wear something like the Marie Jo strapless bra as this will allow you to wear a variety of different necklines without white marks showing. Spray tans can be more expensive than using a bottled product, but the finish can be far more professional too. It’s definitely worth paying for a spray tan for a special occasion such as a wedding or important night out.


If you don’t fancy a spray tan, the other way to get tanned is to do it yourself at home with a fake tan product. The key to avoiding a streaky finish is to make sure your skin is beautifully soft and moisturized before starting to apply the product. Exfoliate thoroughly using a commercial scrub or some sugar mixed with moisturizing cream all over before starting to apply the tan.

Get Help

If all you are planning on tanning is your arms or legs, you won’t have much trouble in getting an even finish by yourself. If however, you’re thinking of applying fake tan all over, then the easiest way to get an even covering on your back is to rope in a friend to help. A Marie Jo strapless bra or similar will ensure you don’t have annoying white strap marks, and that your new tan will look great whatever you’re wearing.


Allergic reactions to self-tanning products are uncommon, but always test a product on your skin 24 hours before going for an all-over tan. As well as testing for skin suitability, doing a test will give you an idea of the colour of the product when it has developed and how much you need to apply to get the finish you were looking for. Although it might seem annoying to have to wait for 24 hours before diving in with the full tan, taking time to test will help avoid the bright orange look which comes from using too much tan.

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