5 Special and Unique Touches to Add to Your Wedding Day

Because your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most special and memorable days you will have in your whole life, it’s only natural to want to do everything in your power to have it be that dream day. So much of the day goes by in a blur, so making sure you take the time to create those special memories that keep you in the moment are essential. Well, we’ve got just the way to achieve this.

Here’s a look at five special and unique touches that you can add to your wedding day that will help personalize it, and ensure you never forget how incredible the day truly was.

Wedding Favors Are the Perfect Opportunity to Get Creative

In terms of where you can add that creativity, the wedding favors are the natural solution. Here’s a chance to step outside the box, pick something unique, something that speaks to the two of you as a couple and your journey, and give guests something they actually want or will use. It doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy, in fact, these creative favors tend to be more affordable in the long run, especially if they feature homemade elements.

Wedding Themed Socks for the Groom

With so much attention on the bride’s attire, often the grooms are forgotten about or are seen as an after-thought. So why not add a special and unique touch to their ensemble with a fun and fabulous pair of wedding socks. They’re cute, they’re unexpected, and they certainly help to make the groom feel extra special on the day.

Opt for an Unexpected Minimal Looking Bouquet

It’s quite common for brides to carry large statement bouquets but here’s the thing; that just isn’t everyone’s personality. Here’s another chance to step outside the norm and do something that better showcases your style and personality. Minimal looking bouquets are becoming more and more popular, especially those with natural greenery rather than overflowing with expensive-looking flowers.

If you want to be really unique you could even pick your own arrangement and create a fresh bouquet out of it. Keep in mind you’d likely need to do it the day of or the night before.

No Need for a Traditional Cake Topper

Then there is the wedding cake, which has a fair amount of tradition built into it. So why not step outside tradition and pick a cake topper that fits with the theme of the wedding, or perhaps where the two of you met, or a special memory you have together. Again, it forces you to be present in that moment and just appreciate it all.

Give Your Guests a Tasty Treat to Indulge In

You’ve probably heard of the late-night buffets that many banquet halls and caterers offer and while these are wonderful, again, they are predictable. Instead of the usual food, why not create a late-night sweet station. You could do an ice cream bar, assorted loose candies and small bags so guests can make their own mix, rent a snow cone machine, a couple of chocolate fountains, a cupcake station with all the fixings to decorate your own, the list goes on and on.

Making it Unique

As you can well see, there are plenty of ways to add unique and memorable touches to your big day.

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