5 Great Reasons To Start Your Stag Do On Your Facebook Page

For many people, Facebook began as an easy way for people to check out if their peers from high school had gotten fat, married, pregnant, or the dreaded trifecta. Now Facebook has become a primary form of daily communication. Scheduling your social calendar is effortless, plus who even sends emails, let alone snail mail anymore? Weddings involve never ending decision making. Why not make your life easier and start your stag do on Facebook?
1. You Don’t Actually Know the Phone Numbers and/or Emails of Everyone
Weddings and their surrounding events are filled with people you have to invite, particularly that cousin Sal who still uses a pager. He can’t figure out how to work a cellphone, but along with everyone else in your extended family and social network, he has Facebook. Making your stag event on Facebook, takes the effort out of figuring out the guestlist, the invitation, and is an easy way to gauge who is attending, and who has no desire to see Grandpa Joe throwing dollar bills.
2. A Facebook Event Creates an Instant Forum
Not sure exactly what you should be doing for your stag? Hookers and blow not really your thing? Put it out there in the Facebook universe for your friends to decide! If your guests aren’t having a good time, it’s unlikely you will be either. Getting ideas from everyone on where they want to go, what they want to do, and where their significant others will and won’t let them go, is made easy by having everyone weigh-in online.
3. It’s a Great Way to Gear Up for the Event
People are always excitedly referring to the wedding as “The Big Day”, but what about the big night? In the weeks and days leading up to “The Big Night” you and your stag-mates can post jokes, start a countdown, and get really amped up for whatever you’ll be doing. “Night out with Boys!” or “Whoo! Spa Day!” Everybody loves a little buildup.
4. Walk Down Memory Lane…
What’s a stag without embarrassing memories? Starting your stag on Facebook is an open invitation for your oldest friends to share the best photos, memories and essentially embarrass the hell out of you. This may seem like a reason NOT to post on Facebook, but being game for all the ribbing your single and veteran married friends have to give you is essential to a successful stag.
5. When It’s Over
When The Big Night is over and behind you, depending on your stag style, you will either remember nothing and need to be filled in, or remember it all and love reliving it. Either way, Facebook is where you can post those priceless photos, comments and inside jokes made along the way. Facebook even creates special pages for couples once your marriage becomes “Facebook Official”. What better way to immortalize your last moments of singledome, than with the your social network?


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Image Source: idealbridemagazine.co.uk

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