5 awesome stag do outfits

If you’ve found the partner of your dreams and are set to tie the knot, that’s great, but why not wave goodbye to being a single man with a breathtakingly brilliant stag do outfit? There are plenty to choose from but here are five really cool costumes fit for any guy about to take the plunge into married life.

Glow in the dark skeleton

Make no bones about it, the Glow Skeleton suit from Morph Costumes is one of the best ensembles money can buy and is ideal for any stag do whether it’s on October 31st or not. Why? Well, it’ll help you stand out from the crowd of course. You’ll look brilliant by day but by night you’ll not only make a statement but you’ll certainly be the skinniest one in the room and that’s got to be a bone-us.


He might have a face that no mother/mad scientist can love – seriously Mary Shelley went all out in her description of him – but it’s what’s inside that counts right? Oh scrap all that mushy stuff, who cares? You’re out to have fun, so get your green on and enjoy a night out and about looking as grotesque as possible. There are full bodysuits and Frankenstein masks available depending on your preference, so go all out and get your freak on.

King of Hearts

Whether you’re the king of cheesy chat up lines or feel like royalty thanks to your future bride, this quirky outfit is perfect for a stag night out with the guys. The one size fits most adults design from Morph Costumes features a bold print on the front and looks great over black trousers, jeans or anything else you want to throw on. Hey, you could even wear a crown but that might be taking things a little too far. What are you, some kind of lothario?

The bride

Becoming the bride on your stag do would be both humorous and ironic which is why it’s a pretty cool idea. Not only will you be able to unleash your feminine side in a pretty white frock but you could also dabble with both lippy and high heels for additional effect. Whatever you do, however, get hold of an appropriate costume in time and do not (repeat, do not) grab your wife-to-be’s dress at the last minute thinking it would be fun. Well, if you still want to get married that is.

Group outfits

What could be better than gathering your best mates in one room and making them wear a bunch of matching costumes? Group outfits are highly effective as they both eye-catching, humorous and will get everyone involved in the action. So, whether you want to transform into a group of Mr. Men characters bumbling your way through town or would prefer to be a Tetris team, let your imagination run wild.

Stag dos are fun but they’re made even better with a touch of fancy dress, so go on, get creative and experience a night to remember.

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