4 Tips To Avoid Wedding Day Disasters

 4  Tips To Avoid Wedding Day Disasters

This must be so cliché, but it’s so true! It’s every bride’s worst fear and the one thing that will keep her up all night stressing, and that is that something can go horribly wrong on the day of the wedding ceremony. The question still remains, is there anything that can be done to keep all those disasters from happening? I have listed a few tips below on how to avoid those worst fears any bride could face.

1.       Experiencing a wedding dress that doesn’t fit

This indeed could be one of the most crucial disasters for any bride, especially if they have been trying to lose weight for months before the big day. I would suggest that brides make sure about their measurements and also try to fit the wedding dress on a couple of times whenever something new has been done to it.

2.       A disaster if the caterer don’t pitch

I know ladies, this is a huge concern and the stress can be immense, especially when you have family members or friends flying out of town to come to your wedding. One of the best ways to overcome all of this is to be in constant communication with the caterer who will be arranging everything at your reception. I highly suggest that you call them a day before the time so that you can confirm the location details, as well as let them know what time to show and start setting up.

3.       What if she falls on her face by tripping over the dress

Walking down the aisle in front of all your beloved family and friends must have crossed your mind some point in time, especially if you are going to walk up and down any stairs. I recommend choosing a good decent pair of shoes that will be very comfortable so that you can walk at ease. Also please do bear in mind to walk them in before your wedding day.

4.       What if anything happens to the wedding cake?

We know what happens in the movies where the most amazing wedding cake falls onto someone’s face or on someone or where someone falls into the top of it. Imagine what a nightmare that will be if this had to happen on your wedding day???? So to prevent that from happening make sure that your wedding cake table is away from all the areas where there is heavy activity such as a dance floor.

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