4 Places to Shop For Wedding Dresses Under $200

Wedding season is upon us. For many, that means spending thousands of dollars on a dress, a venue, music, catering, and the list goes on and on. However, many decide to take the less traditional wedding route.

They focus on more intimate small gatherings with a few friends and family members. Some even skip any sort of ceremony all together. They just get married by the Justice of the Peace. No matter what, all women want to look nice on this momentous occasion. Here are a few stores that can make that dream a reality, for under $200.



Modcloth is mostly known for carrying vintage and limited quantity dresses. It also carries a collection of wedding dresses, many under $200.

These dresses are typically sold in white and off-white. You can find a wide range of dresses, everything from lace, strapless white dresses to long silk maxis. Many of these wedding dresses fall within the vintage look category. They look like classic 40s and 50s glamour gowns.

Modcloth also caters to women of all different dress sizes. Its variety of dresses makes it a dream shop for any woman to find her ideal wedding look.

David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal is one of the largest wedding shops with over 300 locations nationwide. The shop makes sizes and styles for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. David’s Bridal often offers discounts and sales.

Sometimes major designer dresses, such as Vera Wang gowns, can be found for under $200. David’s Bridal offers alterations to help every woman fit perfectly into her wedding dress. Check your local David’s Bridal for alteration assistance.


Nordstrom’s “Wedding Suite” showcases many modern white dresses, which women can wear as their wedding dress or at a casual outing. Based on the style, many of these dresses are aimed at women between 20-40 who dress more chic and youthful. Many of these dresses price for under the $200 category. For those that don’t, Nordstrom offers so many different discounts and coupons that you can probably coupon your way to under $200.


Dillard’s blends really youthful and sophisticated dresses. It covers a wide spectrum of different styles9. Dillard’s also offers some of the more unique interpretations of wedding dresses.

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