Top 10 Cheapest Honeymoon Holiday Destinations

Wedding costs are on the increase and although you can save up for holidays throughout your marriage, the wedding, hopefully, will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So once you’ve paid out for caterers, church, dress and the suits, you probably won’t be left cash rich. Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy a romantic getaway without having to wait for next Pay Day.

  1. Italy – there are some very reasonable deals around to get to Italy and once there, you can explore the culture together or wander around the picturesque cities of Venice or Rome. What can be more romantic?
  2. Spain – why not put together your own cheap package holiday and then book tours of the vineyards for a truly different honeymoon?
  3. The UK – the UK has its own romantic venues and it’s not a million miles to travel around some of the most historic cities and wander down the ancient pathways. London has some fantastic restaurants but if you steer clear of the big city and head for the hills then you can find solitude and peace.
  4. Greek Islands – you can find romance in spades in Greece. After all…this is the country that worshipped Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and the myths and legends that abound here provide an excellent backdrop to your honeymoon.
  5. Mauritius – if you really do your internet research then you’ll find that while Mauritius is a five star destination there are plenty of three and four star hotels that are offering quality akin to the best resorts.
  6. Mediterranean – many travel agents organise cheap and value for money packages that enable you to wed in the med. And the Mediterranean offers some spectacular resorts and, of course, wonderful beaches where you can sunbathe away the stress of the wedding planning.
  7. Maldives – here you can find some reasonably priced resorts or all-inclusive venues. And places like ‘Fun Island’ offer activities such as diving to keep you entertained
  8. Majorca – popular with many holidaymakers because you can guarantee sun and fun. Great for young couples.
  9. Cuba – slightly more expensive but the key here is value for money. For the price you pay you get Cuba to the max. It is cool, fun and has a wealth of culture to tap into.
  10. Caribbean – this has always been a favourite and because of its popularity you’ll find it easier to find well-priced deals.

One of the worst things that could happen when on a honeymoon is a holiday illness such as gastroenteritis that can leave you and your new husband and wife stuck indoors. When this happens, ensure you complain to your hotel.

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