10 things to do before your summer wedding

Planning a wedding is a stressful business, after all, the pressure is on to make this the happiest day of your lives! While a summer wedding can help you avoid the hazard of a downpour, it can also bring its own challenges. Summer brides tend to bare a little more skin than those that get hitched in winter, so make sure you exude radiance with these ten top tips for summer brides:

1.    Quick diet + detox

Chances are you’ve been cohabiting for at least a year pre-wedding, meaning that you have probably been eating more elaborate meals, sharing snacks, and having dessert more often. If, like most cohabiting couples, you’ve put on a few extra pounds, how about starting out married life right by adopting a healthy diet pre-wedding?

Switching to a healthy, whole food, plant-based, high fibre diet that is nutritious and satisfying can help keep body weight in check, curb cravings, and provide nutrients that help with stress and support natural detoxification, avoiding skin breakouts on the big day.

A 10 day lemon water cleanse right before the wedding just doesn’t cut it, and could leave you feeling frazzled, fatigued and sick. Instead, adopt a healthy diet ASAP and rest assured that your dress will still fit on the big day!

2.    Get a healthy tan

Poring over wedding brochures indoors is not ideal for having a healthy summer glow. Avoid being a pale summer bride by heading to the salon for a natural-looking spray tan, giving you a healthy radiance rather than sunburn, skin cancer, and garish strap lines.

3.    Dye your eyelashes + buy a waterproof mascara

The bright lights of wedding photographers can leave brides looking washed out and featureless. Make sure your eyes are nicely defined by getting an eyelash tint and by buying a waterproof mascara now! Tears of joy are inevitable!

4.    Summer legs

With more women delaying their nuptials until their late twenties and thirties, more brides are having to contend with unsightly varicose veins. Skip the compression stockings by booking an appointment with a qualified varicose vein surgeon at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Ask them about sclerotherapy or laser therapy, two types of safe and effective treatment for varicose veins.

5.    Get sun-kissed hair

Summer weddings call for light and carefree summer hair, so talk to your stylist about getting highlights or balayage for that natural sun-kissed look.

6.    Exfoliate

The week before the big day, take a little time to gently sweep away dead skin cells and reveal the fresh, healthy skin underneath. Exfoliating can be a meditative activity, and can help make sure that dull, lifeless skin isn’t your ‘something old’ for the wedding.

7.    Erase cellulite

Age-related decreases in collagen synthesis are inevitable, but there are ways to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite for a smooth appearance on your wedding day. Book a spa day with a seaweed wrap treatment for the upper arms and legs to help tighten the skin and enhance hydration and firmness.

8.    Quick-fix body toning

Running last minute errands is one form of exercise pre-wedding, but factor in a little gym time so you can burn off some steam and firm up your arms, legs and abdominal muscles. Stretching and toning exercises, with light weights and resistance exercise can help you look healthy and toned in your wedding whites.

9.    Moisturise

Champagne toasts and hours of mingling can leave you parched and dehydrated, resulting in dry, irritated skin. Moisturise in advance to provide a healthy foundation for any make-up, and put a friend in charge of keeping you hydrated on the day itself. By drinking plenty of water you can get the most of your day and skip the honeymoon hangover.

10.   Pedicure

After months of hiding away in socks and shoes, summer weddings bring out one of the most sorely neglected parts of the body, our feet. Don’t let unsightly nails, bunions and callouses undermine your carefully constructed wedding outfit – book or do your own  pedicure! That way, when you walk down that aisle this summer, you can be sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

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